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Global inspiration

S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021 Colors of the world

At the latest S/ALON BUDAPEST, stylists of 0614 Kata Hortobágyi and Tímea Tímár invited visitors to a journey around the world: 8 distinct and groundbreaking interiors summoned the latest design trends. These harmonically colored live moodboards invoked the vibes of famous cities and countries around the world both in their dominant shades and the curated materials and furniture used in the interiors. Four installations on each side of the exhibition area offered inspiration for your next refurbishment or design project with an unbound combination of forms, materials and layouts. Explore the colors of the world with our blogpost!


The Portuguese archipelago rises like a gem from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,500 km from Lisbon. The installation was defined by the dominant color of the area’s buildings, pink, the green and blue hues of the ocean, complemented by shades of volcanic rocks, native laurel groves and pastures home to diverse vegetation.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Pikkely Műhely covering, Kucsora Márta painting, Hephaistos green side table, vases, Christian Lacroix cushion, Solinfo VITRA Eames Fiberglass chair, Vitra Rotary tray, AYTM Varia vases, HAY side table, Decor Floor Lovetiles Precious covering, Berber Budapest carpet, Hannabi sofa, pouf, Roche Bobois Prodile ottoman, Kenzo Takada ls Josepha pillows, Code Showroom Cassina Dress Up pouf, Cassina Boboli side table.


Cambodia is part of the tropical monsoon zone, located on the shores of the Gulf of Siam in the Indochinese Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Combining the influences of Hinduism, Buddhism, and the French colonial empire, the country is adorned with monsoon forests, savannas, swamps and rainforests - and the relics of ancient religions and cultures hide beneath the foliage.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Marandshop Berber carpet, Roche Bobois Campo de Fiori vases, Pikkely Műhely covering, Hephaistos COLE&SON wallpaper, side tables, Hannabi sofa, Solinfo HAY Tulou green side table, Turn on lamps, Menu Échasse vase, Ibride Bernache tray, Code Showroom Gebruder Thonet Magistretti armchair, Plante Budapest plants, pots.


The French archipelago is an overseas department and region of France, situated in the Lesser Antilles. Guadeloupe is a Caribbean paradise: full of lush vegetation, volcanoes, sandy shores, azure waters and a vibrant culture. The diverse world of Guadeloupe was reflected in the tones and decorative elements of the installation.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Lumas Art Gallery Olaf Hajek fpaintings, SIL Design Poliform Ventura longue and pouf, Roche Bobois Dot fotel / Trilogy puff / Daburu vases, Bambuszmánia cushion, Berber Budapest carpet, Hannabi sofa, side table, Solinfo Plywood Group LCW chair, Bosa tray, Bloomingville console table, HAY PC lamp/ Marset Bicoca lamp, Hephaistos colorful metal vases, Designers Guild blanket, porcelain vases, Pikkely Műhely covering.


Japan’s second largest island, Hokkaido, is the northernmost prefecture of the nation, with the chilliest climate. The cool tones, natural shades and materials brought the installation together, evoking Japan’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Berber Budapest carpet, Adamlamp lamps, Hannabi wooden tables, Shelfie shelf system, Innoconcept blue chair, Pikkely Műhely covering Bambuszmánia wallpaper - Indigo Marvel, cushions, blanket, basket, Marandshop blue rug, Solinfo HAY Bottoms up vase, Weg armchair, Hokka vase and plate, Fairytale vase, &Tradition Lato marble side table, Kele Sára trolly, Hephaistos blue and white ceramic vases, Chinese tray, Criminalcraft ceramics.


The center of Rajasthan, India, is also known as the Pink City for the prevailing color of the houses in the area. Full of natural materials and hand-knitted rugs, the installation was an homage to the cultural treasures of the region, the traditional handicrafts - like the art of jewelry, leather goods and carpet making.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Berber Budapest carpet, Kele Sára Tangens furniture family, Adamlamp lamps, Artibus 365 Pierre Paulin-Artifort armchair with legrest, Memphis Group vases, Solinfo Hay Glossy Cow vase, Hay W&S Soft candleholder, Broste Copenhagen Thyra vase, Tom Dixon Press glass bowl, Marset FollowMe lamp, Hannabi side table, pouf, Code Showroom Minotti Cesar tray, Demeter Fogarasi leather chair, Pongrác Farkas lamps, Szentgyörgyi Szandra Propeller lamp, Lesz-Müllek Bernadett Sun Set Bvd & Sun Rise Avenue, Pikkely Műhely covering, Decor Floor Mirage Norr.


Marrakesh lies at the foot of the Atlas. It is only the fourth largest city in Morocco in terms of population, yet one of the most significant. Named Al Hamra “Red City” in Arabic, Marrakesh is the home of Africa’s busiest traditional market. The interior combined the atmosphere of the bazaars, the color scheme of the spices, Berber traditions and Arabic handicraft.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Bambuszmánia cushions, Hannabi sofa, pouf, side table, SIL Design Guaxs Nagaa vases, Poliform Dama tray, Marandshop Berber carpet, lamps, plates, Hephaistos colorful vases, ceramic tray, Solinfo Molteni armchair/ Broste Copenhagen, Saba fan / 101 Copenhagen Clam rosegold table lamp, Submarine vase / Muuto Ridge terrakotta vase / House Doctor side table, Lumas Art Gallery Christoph Schrein picture, Code Showroom B&B Italia Crinoline armchair.


Matera in Southern Italy was built on the hillside of a rocky gorge. The city’s landmark and historic center is the Sassi di Matera, a system of cave dwellings carved in the ancient river canyon. People lived in cave labyrinths inhabited in prehistoric times even in the 1950s, and after rehabilitation it became a popular tourist destination. The cave dwellings carved into the limestone and the picturesque surroundings served as the setting for historical films.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, Berber Budapest carpet, Adamlamp lamps, Artcore Antik & Design sofa, furry pouf, Anthony Vasquez picture, Solinfo Broste Copenhagen Ursula pot, Hkliving, Terazzo side table, 101Copenhagen Cobra Uno, Double, Cobra Tall, HAY,W&S Soft candleholder, Novacolor Hungary decor paints, Pikkely Műhely covering, Decor Floor Florim covering, Franta Ági rug, Shelfie shelf system, Hannabi farmchair, Roche Bobois Jean Paul Face a Face pillow, TOUS MES VOEUX large dish, Tour Eiffel White vase.

St. Germain

The district of Saint Germain in Paris was the center of existentialism. To this day it is imbued with vibrant French intellect and sophistication. The space, reminiscent of a milieu of universities, cafes, publishers and bistros, was dominated by pastel colors, comfortable chairs and elegant accessories.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan paints, SIL Design Poliform Mad King, Pikkely Műhely covering, Bambuszmánia wallpaper/Falpanel NOBILIS Curiosite, Solinfo Vitra Mariposa sofa, Nuage blue vase, HAY W&S vase, &Tradition Flowerpot VP3 lamp, AYTM Torus green vase, Lodes Easy Peasy in “flamingo” and „kelp” colors, Roche Bobois rug / Missoni Home, Innoconcept Medusa pouf.

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