1/1 about s/alon budapest

about s/alon budapest

S/ALON BUDAPEST Interior Design Fair welcomes design enthusiasts with the newest releases of the world’s leading designers, endless inspiration and the latest trends. Home owners looking for improvement ideas, visitors passionate for interior design and professional audiences have the chance to explore their favorite brands and products in more than hundred astonishing, furnished interiors.
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1/3 make yourself at home!2/3 make yourself at home!3/3 make yourself at home!

make yourself at home!

These richly furnished interiors will provide a window into contemporary design trends and state-of-the-art innovations, leaving unforgettable experiences and inspiration for you to discover.
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1/3 meet the designers!2/3 meet the designers!3/3 meet the designers!

meet the designers!

S/ALON BUDAPEST is an outstanding meeting ground for design enthusiasts, home owners looking for improvement ideas and professionals alike. Come to the event to meet the teams behind famous brands and manufacturers, designers and interior decorators, who will be happy to provide their insight into your dream home.
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1/3 see it and feel it for yourself!2/3 see it and feel it for yourself!3/3 see it and feel it for yourself!

see it and feel it for yourself!

Get personal with quality design and experience its captivating power at the exhibition: feel free to try or even reserve and buy any of the furniture pieces and accessories seen at S/ALON BUDAPEST!
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