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Domestic design in the light of the Bauhaus heritage

Hello Hungarian Design at S/ALON BUDAPEST

What has the Hello Hungarian Design initiative brought to the table at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022?

This September, Budapest Arena was once again filled with inspiration: the greatest international and domestic brands presented their latest hits at S/ALON BUDAPEST, alongside up-and-coming designers and studios who are making the Hungarian design scene strikingly colorful and vibrant. For the first time, the brands of the Hello Hungarian Design programme were presented in 4 carefully curated interiors, brought to life by the concept of interior designer and architect Tímea Tóth.

Modern dioramas inspired by Bauhaus

The most important mission of the HMD programme is to provide a platform for fresh perspectives and ideas that are currently shaping our image of design.

This year, more than ever before, we have put an emphasis on demonstrating the community-forming side of design, replacing the previous individual stand-alone interiors with four larger installations, in which the pieces of the designers participating in the programme formed a complex whole.

Hello Hungarian Design I.

Designers, brands and products in the Hello Hungarian Design Space I.: Adamlamp Bamboo Light Hexagonal Ellipse 75; Hannabi beige sofa, side table, gray armchair; Sárkány Bence Furniture IAGO; Telegdi Balázs Suiseki, 2018 glass statue; VYF blanket, KOMONKA gold metal textile; Szentgyörgyi Szandra MOHA chandelier; VUUV Works Ana Maple Marquetry Cabinet; Zala Zsófia Sanctuary of presence and the memory, Rose table; Anett Safran THERAPY pot.

Hello Hungarian Design I.

Tímea Tóth’s concept was inspired by the Bauhaus design heritage - which has significant Hungarian roots - and especially by the textile designs of Anni Albers. Albers and her husband, Josef were at the forefront of Bauhaus art-design hybrid thinking, their work often blurred the boundaries between design and fine art. In Anni Albers’ textiles, basic geometric shapes are blended with a peculiar rhythm of their own. The resulting textures became a "living fabric" that invited the viewer to examine them at length.

Hello Hungarian Design II.

Designers, brands and products in the Hello Hungarian Design Space II.: Blum and Wolf Bird lamp family (designers: Albert Virág és Pongrácz Farkas, materials: merino wool felt, birch plywood); Edőcs Márta Centro bowls és Centro panels, 2022; Juhos Lehel black dining table; Line and Round (designer: Hevesi Annabella) Dedas seating system; Dreaming Threads carpet; Cserba Anna hallway furniture; ERROR N’ MORE Covariance IX. Ceramic plates; Laufer Ferenc Relief tile collection, Soltész Melinda Glassflow: Space form tiles, 2022.

Hello Hungarian Design II.

In Tímea Tóth’s design dioramas, the same rhythm appears as an organizing principle, as she laces the characteristic pieces of domestic designers on the elemental basic colors (blue, green, yellow). The persistent influence of the Bauhaus movement is still evident in the details, but the strict, straight lines of the structures are occasionally broken up by organic shapes. The natural inspiration is not only present in the shapes of some furniture, but also in the use of materials. The inimitable grooviness of wood, the special details of textiles and the unique, stone-like structure of recycled paper unveiled the diversity of the designers and their worlds, and the common yet strikingly different inspirations.

Hello Hungarian Design III.

Designers, brands and products in the Hello Hungarian Design Space III.: Anett Safran THERAPY and ERA vases; Concrazy pink rectangle dining table; Dreaming Threads light blue bird pillows; Kata Font Home POLKA BLUSH coat rack, POP LONG BLUSH shelf, PLAN TERRAZZO shoulder fax; MANOOI FineLine pendant; Sarakele Studio BRUNO trolly, TANGENS armchair, pink, gray pillows; Zala Zsófia bracket, 2021, rose table, 2022; Anna Katalin Lovrity carpet; Csanádi Judit natur divider; Fogarasi Demeter Breeze chairs; Koralevics Rita U TURN multifunctional modular seat/side table; VYF neckpieces, Sárkány Bence Furniture 3.14 chair; VUUV Works Kamay Recycled Table Lamp.

Hello Hungarian Design III.

In addition to the structural logic of our collective European design heritage, a lively playfulness is also present in the selection. The blend of colors, shapes and textures creates a unique ensemble, revealing the kind of passionate experimentation and unwavering inventiveness that are the hallmarks of the Hungarian design scene.

Hello Hungarian Design IV.

Designers, brands and products in the Hello Hungarian Design Space IV.: Kohut-Görömbei Luca Glassrain installation, 2018, MOSS és BLUE CAVIAR bowls, 2022; Line and Round (designer: Hevesi Annabella) Vanishing cabinet cupboard, Dedas seating system, Roly-Poly lamp family, Dad’s fence divider; Doktor Melinda herb tea set; Zagiba Mátyás vase I-III, 2021; Lőrincz V. Gabi IBBED carpet; Koós Daniella HILO side tables, 2022; VUUV Works Adam Stool; Lakatos Ábel Polly set – Oribe Sun collection; Anna Katalin Lovrity carpet.

Hello Hungarian Design IV.

The Hello Hungarian Design initiative embodies the essence of S/ALON BUDAPEST: bringing innovative ideas and the values of quality design to a wide audience, stimulating the Hungarian design culture.

It launches a dialogue between the professional and the broader audiences: those who know and research novelties, and those who are just learning about the concept of "good design".

Wherever you belong, it’s worth keeping your finger on the pulse of contemporary Hungarian design - read our previous article listing the brands and designers of the Hello Hungarian Design 2022 programme!

The Hello Hungarian Design programme showcased the latest Hungarian ideas, designers and brands for the fourth time. For more design inspiration - both national and international - follow the S/ALON BUDAPEST blog, Facebook and Instagram pages!



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