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Exhibitor's Panorama: Young Designers

When creating the exhibitor selection for S/ALON BUDAPEST one of our key aspects was inclusivity, which means every layer and segment of the local design scene is given the chance to represent themselves. As our mission is to invigorate the domestic industry within the fields of design, interior decorating and planning, we aim to ensure that our exhibition provides a platform not only to the market-dominating and trend-leading design manufacturers, but the young designers and fresh talents as well. Meet some promising designers and design teams in our newest selection whose works you should definitely be following closely!

Small-series furniture

If you seek a truly unique and characteristic item, you couldn’t find it in a better place than the young local designers’ catalogues of small-series production pieces. You can evoke the style of the 20th century with Hunik Design’s Aurora armchair, inject craftsman-like care and precision into your home with PDsign’s distinctive articles, lighten up the dining-room with the highly variable MIX armchair, or dive deep into Sette Design’s retrofuturistic collection. It doesn’t matter who you choose, one thing is certain: in the end you will possess a truly one-of-a-kind piee of furniture as the designers do their very best to fashion the items specifically to your taste and imagination.

Unique lighting concepts

You should also consider the newest generation of designers if you are searching for special lighting solutions. At the domestic market of unique lamps and luminaires you can find characteristic pieces like the expressively named Modulamp (fitted together from individually configurable modules), UPLUX’s regeneratively designed lamps (brought to life by upcycling precious materials, chiefly glass and copper), or Ádám Vas’ Worm lamp based on an exceptional concept. If you crave more exciting lighting solutions, make sure that you don’t miss out on Blum & Wolf or Adamlamp either!

Special accessories

Genuinely valuable accessories enrich your home with their characteristic design, unique material quality, or basic everyday functionality. Our exhibited promising young designers create accessories flaunting the most diverse forms, techniques and materials. Rita Bánó’s glass and Viktória Maróti’s porcelain plastics decorate the space as rare, independent elements. Borbála Fű’s nature-influenced pottery and Júlia Fruzsina Fülöp’s ceramics elevate serving and presentation to a higher level, while Anna Bárány dazzles design-lovers with her fine dining set and her tabletop ornaments made from glass, porcelain, concrete, and ceramics.

No matter which part of your home you’re looking to spice up with a fresh idea, small-series furniture, unique lighting, or characteristic accessory, you will certainly find something to your liking at the young designers’ selection of S/ALON BUDAPEST! Join us between September 21st and 23rd in Budapest Aréna!

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