Bánó Rita

Rita Bánó is a designer and artist, whose preferred medium is the sculptural object. Her creations, made out of glass, are in the intersection of design, home decor and autonomous art. Her pieces to be presented at S/ALON BUDAPEST get their visual cues and motifs from different types of real and imaginary aquatic animals. Figurative topology, simple forms and the spectacular nobility of glass all add up to truly versatile objects, that could easily be an extraordinary adornment to any interior.

Bánó graduated in 2017 from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, specializing in glasswork and glass art. She is a member of Hungarian Glass Art Society and FISE (SYDA - Studio of Young Designers Association). Her works have been exhibited at several local art shows, and also in galleries of Brussels, Paris, Prague and Stuttgart.