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Hungarian design fuelled by the power of elements

Hello Hungarian Design 2023

This year, we gave a new impetus to contemporary Hungarian interior and product design at the event.

At S/ALON BUDAPEST Hello Hungarian Design, Hungarian designers - with the financial support of the organizers - can showcase their new products, creativity and talent to the public. The works on display draw inspiration from Hungarian cultural and historical traditions, while at the same time adopting a modern and innovative approach to create a unique and exciting visual experience. However, the importance of contemporary Hungarian design is undeniable not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of its contribution to the preservation of cultural identity and the development of a unique Hungarian style on the international stage.

Bal: Levegő, jobb: Tűz

The event showcased the work of more than 40 national designers in four unique installations that brought together the elements - earth, air, fire and water - with the world of creative works. The objects on display are not only aesthetically stunning, but also carry a deeper meaning and message in the light of the designers’ creative thinking and the richness of Hungarian culture.

The interplay of natural materials and organic forms in the works representing the Earth captivated the visitor. Designs reflecting the element of Air created a clean, dynamic, light and free atmosphere, while the Fire installation brought passion and energy to the space. The Water pieces played with the motif of flow and transformation, creating an environment full of emotion. Discover the spaces dreamed up by interior designer and architect Tímea Tóth, and the furniture, accessories, lamps, textiles and artworks that they contain!

Bal: Víz, jobb: Föld


The motifs of continuity, flow and transformation dominated the incorporation of Water into the interior. Blue and turquoise colors, smooth surfaces and fluid shapes characterize this style. Glass, enamel and glazed surfaces evoke the sparkle of water, creating a calming and modern environment.

Made from recycled materials, the futuristic look of DBE. FURNITURE moon / first quarter cabinet’s deep blue shade harmonized perfectly with Melinda Soltész’s undulating Blue Flow wall panels, Jázmin Strohner’s turquoise plates, Anna Lébényi’s glassware (VUUV Works), Tünde Ruzicska’s blue ceramic collection, Zsuzsanna Deák’s Re-built Glass coffee table made of recycled glass and her dark blue Balaton glass vase.

The earthy tones and materials, alongside the water-like, typically blue elements, created a balance in the installation, such as the Magyar Földtégla postamens, the KOMONKA Moment metal textile and the REBLE BY ARCHITRES Table R Picasso. Inspired by the world of science fiction, the Norna Námi couch, although brown in color, has a curved surface that lifts the user out of the space, creating a floating experience similar to water. The airy-looking Wind Light designed by David Salamon and Patinás Lámpa’s latest development, the modular Hexxa, made the installation sparkle.

Hello Hungarian Design / Water / designers, brands and products: DBE.FURNITURE moon/first quarter blue, HENGER STÚDIÓ - GODZSÁK DÁVID wbchr, HORÁK DEBÓRA oho, KOMONKA MOMENT Textile / turquoise, DEÁK ZSUZSANNA Re-built Glass coffee table, Balaton dark blue glass vase, FÉSZEKRÉSZEK mark-bench, LÉBÉNYI ANNA - VUUV WORKS Royal Blue Goblet Glass, Petrol Blue Goblet Glass, Goblet Glass, KELE SÁRA PIEDRA rug, RÁCZ REBEKA Nr. 3., Nr. 9, Nr. 12, Nr. 16 Water Rules, Solid Perspectives, Hide Well, The Other Way Around, SOLTÉSZ MELINDA Blue flow, NORNA NÁMI daybed, SALAMON DÁVID Wind Light, STROHNER JÁZMIN plates, NOVACOLOR / WELLWALL - DEKORFAL KFT. Szanza László Olivér E.V. Mera Dekorfal & Bútorfelújítás, PATINÁS LÁMPA Hexxa lamp 02, 03, 04, 06 OL, 06, REBLE BY ARCHITRES Table R Picasso, RUZICSKA TÜNDE blue ceramics collection, VANDOR STUDIO ‘tribus’, MAGYAR FÖLDTÉGLA.


Light and dynamic shapes, clean materials, off-white and beige tones were the main elements of the Air in the interior design. The two harmonious but distinct spaces showed the duality of the element - weightless airiness and immense strength. The lightness was represented by the left side of the director’s stage with Sara Kele’s Cotangens outdoor furniture on graceful legs, the dynamic structure of the tilted YOZA DESIGN gravity shelving system, the Line and Round Roly-poly pendant and the gently pleating curtain in the background.

On the right, there were objects with a more solid structure: the Molekula sofa by Hannabi, the Repeta - Bauhaus and Trafo - wall panels by Sarakele Studio and Concrazy, the Anthropomorph vases by Meander Ceramics and the Elephant Pond table by Demeter Fogarasi, the robust legs contrast with the lightness of the glass made the object both delicate and elegantly strong. There was no shortage of innovative textiles in the space. Gabi Lőricz V.’s ribbed simple and Kata Brinkus Atelier’s gorgeous Jasmine rug from the felt and tuft collection dressed the floor beautifully. You could also see this year’s joint development of the Multifelt and Co&Co team, the Kilim family of zipper-opening lamps.

Hello Hungarian Design / Air / designers, brands and products: BRINKUS KATA Jasmine, HANNABI Molekula, HEKLI ZSUZSANNA kilim h40, kilim h70, HORA DESIGN oho, ceramic jar, HEGYVÁRI BERNADETT Csíkos, FOGARASI DEMETER Elephant in a Pond table, LINE AND ROUND roly-poly modular enameled lighting, MEANDER KERÁMIA MANUFAKTÚRA Antropomorf vase, RUZICSKA TÜNDE KERÁMIA STÚDIÓ “Genius loci”, SCHULZE LILLA vpi monó, VANDOR STUDIO ‘breaker’, KELE SÁRA & CONCRAZY Repeta bauhaus wall panel, Repeta trafo wall panel, Cotangens outdoor chairs, Cotangens side table, LŐRINCZ V. GABI ribbed simple, NOVACOLOR / WELLWALL - DEKORFAL KFT. Mera Dekorfal & Bútorfelújítás, Della Dekorfal, Color Brigade, SÁFRÁN ANETT era vases, STROHNER JÁZMIN three-piece ceramic food container with wooden lid, YOZA DESIGN KFT. gravity shelf system.


The interior design expression of Fire carried passion, energy and warmth. Reds, corals, oranges and yellows, as well as light play and reflective surfaces are typical of this style. The heterogeneous color and patterned finishes highlighted the element of Fire and created a vibrant and inspiring environment. The radiant mural (as in the other spaces, praised the work of the Novacolor and Wellwall Dekorfal team) was an attractive mortar that bound the stone, ceramic, glass, wood and cast iron objects together.

Several elements of Sarakele Studio’s Repeta collection were included in the installation: a standing and a wall mirror, a bench, a washbasin and the Dürer wall panel, and the studio also provided the Geom collection coffee table.

The quest for sustainability had a strong presence - both materially and ideologically.

Repeta is an experiment in material fusion in collaboration with Concrazy, which gives new life to materials considered waste to complement concrete, while the Geom table is made from a flax fiber-based biocomposite material. The REBLE BY ARCHITRES Table R Juparana in Bordeaux has arrived in the Fire space, also promoting sustainability: here, recycled marble and stone slabs are complemented by steel. The warm tones and curved lines of Bence Sárkány’s Ringa chair were a perfect fit for the composition.

On the other side of the installation, the Segment artwork by glass sculptor Boldizsár Lukácsi, the Hypnopompia carpet by Sabrina Komár, the ceramics by HORA Design, the itthon. Design Studio’s cast iron Heritage collection, vases from Henger Studio, Zsuzsanna Deák’s coral glass bowl, Daniella Koós’ seating and KOMOK’s capsule lamp collection awaited visitors.

Hello Hungarian Design / Fire/ designers, brands and products: DEÁK ZSUZSANNA Korall bowl, HORA DESIGN lun 00.01, tube 00.02, tube 00.03, ceramic box, ceramic bowl, tea set, KELE SÁRI Repeta standing mirror, Repeta bench, Repeta washbasin, Repeta wall mirror, Repeta dürer wall panel, Geom coffee table, KOMOK kapszula, kapszula d390, LUKÁCSI GLASS Segment, RÁCZ REBEKA Nr. 15 Palmistry, SÁRKÁNY BENCE Ringa rocking chair, HENGER STÚDIÓ grchr, NOVACOLOR / WELLWALL - DEKORFAL KFT. RichArt WallDesign, KaldenekerArt, FalTündér Völgyi Klári, KOÓS DANIELLA simple_45 chair, hilo vase collection, KOMÁR SABRINA, Hypnopompia 03, Hypnopompia 05, ITTHON DESIGN STUDIO Örökség cast iron collection REBLE BY ARCHITRES Table R Juparana Bordeaux, TÓTH BORI Savanna pillow.


We associate strong, natural materials and organic forms with the Earth element. Wood, stone and earth colors shaped this style as part of a warm and earthy atmosphere. In a spirit of simplicity and timelessness, such designs emphasize harmony with nature and the patina that has developed over time.

Wood dominated the installation: the KOMOK Struktur table, bench and chairs, the Shelfie shelf, the AT LEAST home gym bench, the VUUV WORKS chair and Sina Marquetry’s Cabinet cabinet were all made from this timeless material, the latter composed of not one but 11 different species. Demeter Fogarasi’s Frozen Textile armchair was made of biodegradable composite, and AKVA Wallpapers’ wildflower wallpaper brought nature figuratively into the exhibition space. A thin veneer lamp by Zebura Design, pitchers by Anita Darabos, a variety of glassware by Zsuzsanna Deák, cups by Anett Sáfrán, sand-coloured plates by Jázmin Strohner, ceramics by Hajnal Gyeviki and Debóra Horák completed the composition.

Hello Hungarian Design / Earth/ designers, brands and products: AT LEAST home gym bench DARABOS ANITA jugs, FOGARASI DEMETER Frozen Textile armchair, HORÁK DEBÓRA oho, NOVACOLOR / WELLWALL DEKORFAL KFT. Mera Dekorfal & Bútorfelújítás, Della Dekorfal, Color Brigade, KORALEVICS RITA Rammed Earth cube, Random lamp, RUZICSKA TÜNDE KERÁMIA STÚDIÓ Mező, STROHNER JÁZMIN sand colored plates, AKVA WALLPAPERS Wildflowers, Mexico, CSOCSÁN GYULA SHELFIE Addis Abeba Custom, DEÁK ZSUZSANNA Balaton Topáz glass vase, Deák Design white-black-orange glass bowl, GYEVIKI HAJNAL Szobaszüret, KOMOK struktúr table, struktúr bench, struktúr stool, LÉBÉNYI ANNA - VUUV WORKS Sina Marquetry Cabinet, Taba Counter Stool, OLEANT LIGHTING Lyna, ZELENAI ESZTER ZEBURA DESIGN COROLLULA LIQUIDAMBARIS, SÁFRÁN ANETT Halle cup family.

S/ALON BUDAPEST is a forum where designers and the public can engage in creative dialogue.

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