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Exhibitor's Panorama: Independent Designers

When compiling the exhibitor list for S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018 one of the most emphasized point was to showcase the colorful palette of creative design in Hungary. The perspectives of the displayed independent designers are completely diverse, and yet they all share an unbreakable passion for creativity and design. Browse through our selection of astonishing stalls that were present at our exhibition, and be inspired by the designers’ unique solutions!

Beatrix Torma - ACROSS

Beatrix Torma is a truly versatile artist, whose works include projects of interior design and styling, along with creative concept design and photography. Her singular creative approach is defined by her respect for timeless architectural values, her mindfulness of the relationship between space and light, and the natural, people-oriented quality of classic handicraft items. She applies her many years of experience not only as a designer, but also as a writer and lecturer in mainly culture-centered topics. Her interior designed for S/ALON BUDAPEST showcased the duality of today’s design approach and traditional furniture as its centerpiece, thus creating a space that evokes a sense of tension and harmony at the same time.

Tímea Hadnagy - Chez Elles

The creations of interior design studio Chez Elles are thoroughly infused with founder and designer Tímea Hadnagy’s uniquely sensational approach to design. The focal point of their projects are the needs, desires and ambitions of their clients, which the design team translates to the language of interior design as faithfully as possible. These spaces blend the latest design trends, comfortable functionality, and warm coziness into one. The use of durable, quality materials also plays an essential part, which is clearly visible from the impeccably textural surfaces and composition of the interior they designed for the exhibition. The space defined by welcoming snugness and bohemian chic reached completion with a special balloon installation crafted by Konfetti&Co.

Luca Varga - Interiorlines

Homes, institutional spaces, offices - all these can be found among the projects of architect / interior designer Luca Varga’s Interiorlines. No matter what the genre is, Luca’s simple, emotion-focused style is always visible, placing a great emphasis on the aesthetics, the technical feasibility, and everlasting quality. Her rebellious interior designed for S/ALON BUDAPEST focused on the always changing spatial uses and needs of Generation Y, paying special attention to multifunctional spaces and the principles of modularity. The basis of the interior was Orsolya Nemes’ research on generations, and the final touches were provided by Eszter Csontos, Tamás Varga, and Máté Gergő Kovács, who worked together with the designer creating the textual and graphical visualization.

Tamás Hannus - Reklektik

The culture of Reklektik is built on inner peace and the harmony of unexpected solutions. The spaces created by lead-designer Tamás Hannus pay special attention to being personal and playful, and to the inspiring and liberating effect of astonishing solutions, while remaining in harmony with logical and functional interior design. The main theme of their installation titled “Among Memories” is reminiscence, therefore classical (mostly Danish) pieces were the cornerstones of the interior. The classical, handicraft furniture and accessories were showcased in a new context, creating an imposing, eye-catching, yet comfy space that synthesizes the values and design approach of past and present with a careful hand. You can find out more about the installation of Reklektik in the detailed preview on the studio’s blog!

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