Varga Luca’s work includes a lot of exciting projects. For example, she has done architectural work for a hospital, a school, a swimming pool and a hotel. Still, interior design projects are closest to her, as these are always personally tailored down to their last detail. Whether it’s designing interiors for new or previously built buildings, or even creating an office space surrounded with historic architecture, this is what truly inspires her.

Her work is characterized by a relaxed, clean style that concentrates on human emotions and desires. In addition to the aesthetics of a space, she places great emphasis on technical and economic feasibility and the use of quality, durable materials. Her instinctive curiosity and her ceaseless desire to experiment are also reflected in her design projects, with innovative technologies and a unique material palette.

As an invited lecturer, she teaches at KREA Contemporary Art School, and also acts as a consultant teacher at the Department of Residential Building Design at BME’s Faculty of Architecture.