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Exhibitor's Panorama: Forerunners of Hungarian Design

In our previous article we introduced a few promising young Hungarian designers who could easily become the next influential generation of the local design scene in the future. In this exhibitor selection however you can get to know some manufacturers who can actually guide and show the way to aspiring newcomers with their experience and approach. Like the designers in our earlier selections, those mentioned in this list are also closely collaborating with the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, whose priority is to nourish country image by promoting the design industry as a global tool for communicating common values. Let’s meet the domestic manufacturers and designers who have already made a name in Hungary and beyond, boosting the famous Hungarian design with their innovative and unique products!


The studio-manufacture founded by Katalin and András Ivánka has been exploring the possible innovative uses of concrete for more than 15 years. Today their facade systems, interior architecture solutions, interior and exterior furniture, and other uniquely designed concrete products are representing Hungarian design across 5 continents. A high-end concrete sound system is just as important part of their exciting palette as the world’s first cement-textile collection, or the bio-concrete system that converts rain into excellent quality drinking water. The history of Ivanka is paved with masterful collaborations, and now you can be a witness of their latest achievement as the table created in collaboration with Herman Miller will also make its debut at S/ALON BUDAPEST.



The enchanting, playful articles of Hannabi combine design with art, and a progressive use of material with classic technologies in excellent taste. Their products and projects keep the main focus on the needs of the individual, so their art-inspired sofas don’t only fill aesthetic purposes as their designers also pay extra attention on functionality and ergonomic solutions. Thanks to their consultative planning process they offer custom-made pieces which provide their owners a lifetime of comfort. If you’re looking for a truly unique sofa, you can always count on Hannabi!



There isn’t another excitingly characteristic yet still natural material like wood, radiating cozy warmth and timeless luxury at the same time. Edelholz’s magnificent oak floors capture this versatility and shape it into everlasting surfaces. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the unique Hungarian oak, their process optimization, and their team of professionals this traditional wood processing manufacture is now producing exclusively high quality, premium wooden floors. Their products equally have their place in a stylish apartment or a historical castle.



The products of cement and terrazzo manufacture iamart are handcrafted with contemporary techniques, blending the modern and classic colors and motifs in perfect harmony. You can even decorate these granulated surfaces of colorful marble or glass chips, since their customers can tailor the patterns or colors to their own taste. All you need is a drop of creativity to fashion your home with surfaces that are authentic, yet still true to your personality.


This above selection only provides a tiny glimpse into the scene of distinguished Hungarian design entrepreneurs. Come to S/ALON BUDAPEST this weekend and let the abundance of colors, materials, surfaces, and innovative solutions take your breath away!

S/ALON Budapest


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