Europa Design

During its 25 years of operation, Europa Design have been busy forming and furnishing optimal office spaces and public areas. Their services cover comprehensive office audit services, during which they focus on the conditions and setbacks of the firm’s strategic progress in terms of interior design. After that, they define the emerging demands in ergonomic, architectural, operational and real estate terms. They distribute nearly 40 different European and American brands, therefore they offer unique solutions in various styles and price ranges.



1025 Budapest Törökvész út 71-73.


Herman Miller

Herman Miller is the second largest office furniture manufacturer of the world. The american firm’s designs include Bill Stumpf’s Aeron chair, that incorporates many patented solutions, and the Atlas furniture family, that have electric height adjusters and come highly recommended for home offices. Their products come with a 12-year warranty and are recyclable to a very high percent.

Wall Concept

WALL CONCEPT is the exclusive distributor of English wallpaper producer Muraspec’s high-quality vinyl products. Their product range includes excellent quality curtains, that have become increasingly popular among both the public and the residential end-users.