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Limitless art on the walls and floors

Innovative wallpapers by Inkiostro Bianco

Overflowing with creativity and art, Inkiostro Bianco’s graphics exude uniqueness, shaping our environment with extreme spatial organization.

The versatile collections are dreamt up by a collective of artists and designers, combining different styles brought to life with innovative technology to create wallpapers that are not only eye-catching, but also extremely durable and practical. The Italian brand - represented by our partner, pointone and pointzero - is primarily aimed at those who would like to go out of the ordinary and make their homes more original with statement wall coverings. Read on to find inspiration and useful tips to enhance your home’s existing character - or to give it a whole new identity!

The latest trend: uniqueness and quality

Over the years, the concept of trend has evolved from one dominant pattern, motif or color scheme being the focus of attention, to a collection that can be tailored to suit the taste and interior design preferences of anyone. Inkiostro Bianco’s creative design team and wide portfolio focus on the unique look of the material rather than on determinant trends.

All collections are available in both vinyl and fiberglass, and can be used in any room - in public spaces, hotels, restaurants, cafés, confectioneries and even office buildings - as fragmented or continuous floor and wall tiling.

EQ aka fiberglass wallpaper

As an alternative to traditional cold tiles, waterproof wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular, offering aesthetic appeal and a number of practical benefits. The so-called EQ is a fully waterproof wallpaper which, thanks to its exceptional resistance to abrasion, can be used in rooms that are subject to heavy wear and tear: it can be applied on walls and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and more.

EQ•dekor with a woven structure is made of transversely interlaced glass fibers, which - compared to traditional wallpapers - is much more stable and flexible. When installed with the manufacturer’s recommended one-component water and polyurethane-based adhesive and FINISH 58 smoothing agent, an effective and durable covering is guaranteed.

Dazzling finishes and patterns

The special use of the material itself makes the surface exciting, which is enhanced by the extraordinary texture and silky sheen of the design. In addition, a plethora of graphic elements and motifs offer further visual opportunities.

A great example is the Architecture collection, which evokes spatial mass through the architectural elements (columns, arches) appearing on the wallpaper, made with print technology. The brand has a wide range of unique and individual collections, all of which are available in fiberglass (EQ), so the breathtaking visual experience can be enjoyed for a long time and in many different ways.

The tangible difference

The Decor Floor, pointone, pointzero brand family offers a wide range of great solutions, which can be explored not only virtually, but also in real life in the showrooms.

Fiberglass wallpaper has been a favorite for years thanks to its versatility.

Our countless outstanding references have proven the extraordinary impact that can be achieved with Inkiostro Bianco’s collections. In our Pointone and Pointzero showrooms, you can see the fiberglass wallpaper up close, for example, covered on the floor, reflecting the perfect match of the wallpaper with other wall coverings. The Architecture collection adds a really exciting ambience to the space - expanding the interior and creating a new room within," says Ress Tirza, marketing manager.

Advices and principles

The elements of the fiberglass wallpaper should be placed close together, without gaps, so that the edges do not overlap. The wallpaper is cut to size after installation, because the height of the prefabricated elements is only 10 cm longer than the predetermined dimensions, which is necessary to align the pattern during installation. It is therefore necessary to remove the excess above and below afterwards.

Choosing the right professional, following the installation instructions and using the manufacturer’s recommended materials is important for a long-lasting, immaculate appearance. Of course, before applying the wallpaper, it is necessary to prepare the surface to be covered: remove any unevenness, create a flat surface, apply a white primer, apply a primer of the right color under the wallpaper, then glue and apply the final coat.

In wet rooms, the receiving surfaces to be covered must be waterproof.

An important step in the construction process is to plan the order in which the individual wallpaper elements are to be fitted, considering the pattern, before the application of the wallpaper.

In the case of a distinctive wallpaper collection, it is worthwhile to carefully assess the style of the existing furniture and the characteristics of the room to be covered, since such a striking wallpaper will determine the mood of the space, dressing the whole room. Thanks to the diverse options available, a carefully selected fiberglass wallpaper can be perfectly integrated into an existing interior without any compromise.

Thanks to Inkiostro Bianco’s expertise and manufacturing processes, the wallpapers can be adapted to any size. When designing, it is always worth taking into account the nature of each pattern, as well as the size, characteristics and function of the room to be wallpapered, so that the chosen pattern can live up to its potential.

If you’re captivated by Inkiostro Bianco’s innovative solutions and eye-catching patterns, contact the pointone and pointzero team for expert help choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home or your next project! Visit S/ALON BUDAPEST between 23-25 September at Budapest Arena, where we’ll be showcasing the very best in interior design.



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