Decor Floor

POINT BUDAPEST, operating under the umbrella of Decor Floor, have been integral to the Hungarian interior design scene for many years. The stunning showrooms and professional teams of POINT BUDA (1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 92/g) and POINT PEST (1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 14.) are looking to enhance the everyday lives of their customers with the brands’ premium quality flooring solutions, extravagant furniture line-up and signature accessories. Along with residential projects, industrial clients are getting more involved with POINT BUDAPEST over the years, as the services these brands can offer are becoming more and more appealing to professionals in architecture and interior design alike.

The main profile of both brands are ceramic flooring solutions in all sizes, design and use - POINT BUDAPEST specialize in individual requests, no matter the circumstances. Along with that, Decor Floor is in close partnership with a number of renowned furniture brands, resulting in an exciting line-up of chairs, tables and accessories being available at the stores.




1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 92/G



Vitra, founded more than half a century ago in Switzerland, has become one of the most iconic furniture brands. Classic Vitra furniture have been designed by well-renowned professionals and artists such as Charles and Ray Eames, Verner Panton, George Nelson, Jean Prouve, Isamu Noguchi and Sori Yanagi. Vitra has a wide-ranging business profile, working with contemporary designers, inspired by their history and tradition, creating a broad line-up of interior design products for homes and businesses alike. The company also works closely with world-renowned architects.


Every single piece from Italian cold tiles manufacturer CEDIT is a contemporary work of art. Its collections are dreamt up by some of the most prominent (mostly Italian) interior designers and architects of our time and are manufactured in the brand’s factory to the highest quality standards. For S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022, a spectacular collection of geometric shapes has been selected, guaranteed to attract attention.

Inkiostro Bianco

This year, one of Inkiostro Bianco’s specialities will be on display at the event, and that is the Tela. The Italian-made fabric is an exclusive, dense weave that offers a high level of resistance, and can be used with any of the wallpaper manufacturer’s patterns or even custom designs. The designer of the interior has chosen patterns from the latest Light and Shadows collection, and as for the use of the fabric, we can tell you that the exhibitor has a special solution for the show.


There is only one limit to the atmospheric effect a carpet can create - your imagination. From simple and understated to vibrant and unique, you can find any type of carpetry among Milliken’s collections. In addition to a wide range of standard designs, they also offer a bespoke option with patterns created exclusively for you.


Bold, extraordinary and wild: Seletti, the Italian distributor of interior design accessories and lamps cannot be associated with the word "boring". Their product line includes coffee mugs that take you to outer space while sipping your morning ristretto; the Machine collection of glasses with a strong, male character, or the Kintsugi product family, a special line of Japanese mugs and glasses with a significant artistic touch.


Cerim is a modern, flexible brand whose quality is ensured by the "Made in Florim" trademark. All of its gres floor tiles reflect on a particular quality of nature - whether its marble or a wooden effect, all with a trendsetting approach to flooring solutions. The products’ timeless, clean design make them easily a harmonious part of any home, room or even outdoor area. Cerim’s product range is highly varied in size and texture, as well as performance: some flooring products appropriate for busy open spaces!


Extremis outdoor products bear the slogan ’Tools for togetherness’, hinting at the fact that these aren’t simple pieces of furniture - their aim is to bring people together, and Extremis provides an excellent tool for this end. Their design compositions are made to elevate the life quality and overall mood of their owners. The outdoor products of Extremis range from sunbeds to outdoor bar tables, all in the service of creating a romantic atmosphere for an afternoon in the garden.


The pursuit of beauty is part of humanity’s genetic heritage. At Florim, this creative instinct is combined with passion and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to create a new type of product. Their ethos is not just to create something beautiful, but also sustainable, so as well as satisfying a sense of beauty and comfort, they also focus on sustainability in the production of every collection. The manufacturer’s 2 newest collections, Florim Nature Mood and Florim Heritage Lux will also be on display at the Decor Floor & POINT BUDAPEST interior, which - unlike in the past - no longer run under a sub-brand name, but instead the manufacturer’s name will form the brand of the new additions.

Floor Gres

Marble without limits. This year, Floor Gres ceramic tiles will feature characterful marble pattern tiles that are classic and timeless, but also striking, in an absolutely positive sense of the word. Bold tiles send out a unified message: let your imagination run wild, dare to choose bold tiles for a particular floor - or section of wall!


Miniforms is a firm believer in manufacturers and brands that represent an extraordinary and timeless quality when it comes to both design and practical use. What makes Miniforms special is that the whole process from design, manufacture and packaging happens in Italy, staying true to the ’Made in Italy’ slogan.


Among Florim’s brands, Rex embodies a distinct way of life. Each of its collections features extravagant elements with a touch of Italian luxury. This year, marble-effect tiles inspired by the rarest rocks found in nature will be presented at the event.


Ever since its foundation in 1976, the Italian furniture brand has gradually become a household name in international design. Research and development continues to be in focus at Magis, resulting in the unceasing popularity of its products. Magis’ peculiar accessories, such as Puppy, put a smile on customers’ face and bring unprecedented fun and joy into any office environment.


Launched in 2005, POINT BUDA is the residential sector of flooring distributor Decor Floor. Whether its universal flooring solutions, water-saving taps, beautifully designed radiators or exclusive furniture, unique interior design solutions are accessible at POINT BUDA. POINT PEST isn’t your everyday showroom: it’s a professional meeting area where members of the Hungarian design scene can discover the latest flooring innovations and solutions.


Artek was founded in Helsinki in 1935 by four young idealists, Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. Their aim was very simple: to sell furniture and promote modern living culture through exhibitions and other educational tools. In keeping with the radical spirit of the founders, Artek is still an innovative player in the design world today. Its product range consists of furniture, lighting and accessories designed by Finnish craftsmen and leading international designers, embodying clarity, functionality and poetic simplicity.

Casa dolce casa Casamood

Casa dolce casa Casamood is the perfect balance of quality and creativity. Nature-inspired textures, exciting use of color, which architects and interior designers can work with to great effect, keeping in mind the harmony expected from interiors. The Sensi 2021 collection not only brings the sight of the earth, but also the feel of it, through its sophisticated surface finishes. With its clean look and natural feel, it suggests a simpler, natural, harmonious way of living and brings a sense of intimacy to the home.


Founded in 1992, the Italian faucet manufacturer has quickly become synonymous with design and technology excellence, thanks to its pioneering and innovative solutions. Although the company is considered young, it has grown enormously over the last 25 years. This is also reflected in its products, which are innovative but can be used in both modern and traditional interiors. Thanks to the TOTAL LOOK line, sanitary ware and other accessories can be connected to the faucets.


The Belgian carpet manufacturer has been proving its expertise for decades, and its commitment to sustainability has been increasingly in the spotlight over the years. Modulyss’ spirit of innovation is always evident, most recently with the reorganization of its available collections, allowing designers to work more fluidly with each product and making the portfolio more transparent. Modulyss Gleam is designed for areas where comfort is a priority.


Each Mutina tile collection and 3D element is designed in collaboration with a renowned designer, so their products have an artistic value in themselves. In the interior design, the 3D elements and tiles will be presented in a different way than usual, inspiring visitors to break away from traditional application.


The ideas of the Bauhaus style are still important, even essential elements of interior design today. Functionality and the use of pure colors have resulted in timeless furniture that will never go out of fashion, and can be a characterful and usable part of a home for a lifetime. Tecta’s furniture includes lamps, chests of drawers, cabinets, chairs and dining tables that can be easily integrated into any interior, while at the same time attracting the eye with their distinct individuality.