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Fresh paints, based on a secret recipe

Farrow & Ball paint mixing machine at NATURALii

No more waiting for the perfect shade!

After years of development and testing, Farrow & Ball’s state-of-the-art mixing machine has arrived at our partner NATURALii Concept Store’s showroom in Báthory Street. Thanks to this, Farrow & Ball’s unique, richly pigmented colors and environmentally friendly formulas are now available in all finishes immediately in the store, so there is no need to wait for the delivery times. It’s no longer a problem if you haven’t managed to calculate the exact amount of paint you need in advance, or if you’ve just remembered to buy at the last minute.

Cutting-edge paint from a market leading brand

Farrow & Ball is one of the best-known premium paint brands. It owes its popularity to its paints and wallpapers of unrivaled quality and color depth. It is one of the few manufacturers that has not changed its traditional production methods for decades, yet still offers environmentally friendly products that meet today’s standards.

The paints are made using the highest quality natural pigments and resins, rather than low-grade synthetic materials, giving them a unique color and smooth finish. All their paints are water-based, light on odors and contain minimal volatile organic compounds.

Thanks to this, they have also been awarded a child-friendly certification.

NATURALii Concept Store has been the Hungarian representation of Farrow & Ball paints for 13 years. Over the years, it has been awarded the Farrow & Ball Premium Stockist qualification, which is given to stores that offer outstanding service in addition to sales. The special mixer is another milestone in the fruitful collaboration between NATURALii Concept Store and Farrow & Ball, ensuring unprecedented flexibility and convenience to private customers and professional partners - designers, interior decorators - alike.

Quality at your fingertips

Orders are individually made to the brand’s secret recipe using natural pigments from the factory. This guarantees that the quality of the paints mixed on site is exactly the same as the ready-mixed Farrow & Ball paints. The base for the paint is made at the Farrow & Ball factory in Dorset, England, and contains exactly the same proportion of the highest quality ingredients as the finished product. The entire blending process is controlled by a central system, ensuring a reliable match of shades.

Like picking the color of your choice off the factory shelf

The machine allows you to mix any Farrow & Ball color and finish combination in seconds, including archival paints and elements from mini-collections.

For example, the iconic Estate Emulsion velvety matt type and highly resistant exterior paints can be created using the mixer and its associated program. However, certain specialty products such as Limewash Lime Paint and Soft Distemper Stucco Paint will continue to be available from the factory in the NATURALii Concept Store, along with paint samples in 100 ml packs. Apart from these, all types can be mixed on site.

Quick and accurate

Whether or not you can receive the finished paint immediately depends, of course, on the quantity of paint you have purchased. If the quantity is small, you’ll be happy to leave with the color you want after a few minutes of waiting. For larger orders, lead times of a few hours to a day are possible, and for large-scale projects, you should still expect a lead time of approximately 7 working days.

If you want to get to know Farrow & Ball colors better, you can order a free color card or paint sample from the webshop, or visit them in person at the store, where you can see all the colors on painted samples. This September, you’ll be enchanted by the brand’s inimitable shades at S/ALON BUDAPEST as well. Until then, join us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiring content!



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