NATURALii HOME & LIFESTYLE CONCEPT STORE represents an entire philosophy based on sustainability, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the values of artisanship. The brands chosen for inclusion in the store are evaluated based on the aforementioned criteria, such as NATURALii’s flagship brand of eco-paint products, Farrow & Ball, or the lime paints of BAUWERK Colour. NATURALii’s line-up of natural home fabrics perfectly complement their range of organic paints. One of their main fabric manufacturers if James Malone of Spain and its unique fabric collections.

Wallpapers are also available in the concept store based on their outstanding material use and excellent artisanship.The latter has been a passion of NATURALii for the past few years. The team behind the concept store found some of their favorite product families and collections in beautiful Morocco. These stunning items, furnitures and accessories never cease to inspire them with their unique atmosphere, vision and long-forgotten traditions. All these approaches culminate in some of NATURALii’s most important philosophies, including their emphasis on recycled materials, natural and organic materials, environmentally friendly and ethical production, as well as never giving up on staying deeply human and personal.



Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is a market-leading English manufacturer of paints and wallpapers, acting as a trendsetter in their field. Their eco paints boast unique, unmatched surface structure and color palette, and they also offer an extensive wallpaper collection that perfectly matches their paints in color.

Les Sens de Marrakech

Traditional, hand-wrapped natural oils, beauty creams and fragrances produced with traditional methods: Les Sens de Marrakech is a real treat for body and soul. With natural, plant-based ingredients and recycled glass containers a metal cups, these products are good for your health and for the environment alike!


A Hungarian and a Moroccan designer met through work in 2015. This partnership soon became friendship and they founded Marandshop - Artisanat du Maroc. They are looking for items, products in Morocco that are suitable for modern homes while representing great Moroccan tradition. Most of the interior design items of Marandshop are designed by them and manufactured in Marrakech. Each and every item they bring back has their own story and soul. Marand is the true ambassador of Moroccan craft in Budapest.