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Design Wallpapers and Accessories in the Spirit of Nature

Bambuszmánia Interview

Bambuszmánia, a distributor of exclusive wallpapers and textiles, offers a range of styles: from conservative English style to minimalist design and youthful, alternative lines.

You may have encountered Bambuszmánia at several of our events, most recently in the piano salon, in the joint interior of Lakásparfüm and Biagini-Arte, and in style interiors. In January 2024, the brand moved to a new location, allowing us to admire their colorful offerings in a larger showroom. On that occasion, we talked to Hajni Debreczeni about the business, the brands they distribute, their unique solutions, trends, and advice. Join us and get to know the brand better!


You moved to a new location in January. What should we know about it? How is it different from the previous store?

The downtown location and the surrounding area remain the same; we just moved a few blocks away to a beautifully renovated building at 21 Alkotmány Street, known as A21. The new showroom is almost twice the size of the previous one, comfortably accommodating our extensive collection of wallpapers and textiles, with Riviera Maison furniture and accessories displayed in the gallery.

Rug Society

What unique solutions are available in your range that many might not be aware of?

We offer natural materials such as bamboo and sisal wallpapers, metallic thread, textile, and stone-effect wallpapers, as well as sound-absorbing, washable, fire-resistant wallpapers for projects. Our products also reflect the latest trends, including LED, Swarovski crystal, faux fur, and leather-effect wallpapers, along with home textiles that perfectly match the color and pattern of the wallpapers. Furthermore, pillows, bedspreads, and lampshades can also be made from these wallpapers and textiles.


In addition to surfaces and textiles, we also provide services. For example, we offer full curtain measurement, curtain sewing, and installation of curtain rods and curtains. This includes not only traditional curtains but also electric and manual systems, Roman blinds, roller blinds, and pleated blinds.

Rug Society

According to your experience, which style trends are the most popular among customers?

We have always loved natural and natural-effect materials. Fortunately, they have become very popular nowadays, with a huge selection of these wallpapers and textiles available. It is not just in fashion to wear natural materials, but it is increasingly common for clients to order wool carpets or natural sisal, bamboo wallpapers, and 100% linen curtains.


One of the gems of your range is Riviera Maison. Please tell us about the brand!

Riviera Maison was founded in Amsterdam in 1948 as a flower shop. The brand grew rapidly, opening new stores in the Netherlands. Today, Riviera Maison has become an international home decor brand with sales points worldwide.

Rivièra Maison

We are the distributors of Riviera Maison in Hungary. This company also advocates for natural materials, which is similar to our philosophy. Their solid wood furniture, sofas, and poufs upholstered with linen and cotton materials fit beautifully into comfortable, modern homes.

Rivièra Maison

What advice would you give to those who are about to renovate their homes or just want to spruce up their interiors with unique wallpapers and textiles?

It’s useful to consult with a designer because clients can get lost in the vast selection if they start the work alone. This is true for wallpapers, textiles, coverings, lamps, and furniture as well. It is also worth searching in advance to find the style and overall look that resonates the most, something you’d love to see in your home. You can get inspired on Pinterest and Instagram, but of course, we are happy to help as well.


Do you have a personal favorite?

My personal favorite is the French brand ÉLITIS. They are incredibly innovative, leading the way in material usage and design, literally setting trends years ahead.


You have participated in the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend exhibition several times. What are your experiences with the event?

It’s a very high-standard exhibition! When you approached me during the conceptual planning phase, I was a bit skeptical, fearing it would be just another commercial exhibition like other home decor events, but I was positively surprised. It absolutely holds its own on the international stage.


This year, S/ALON BUDAPEST will open its doors for the sixth time from September 20 to 22 at the Budapest Arena. Our home trend exhibition is like walking among the most beautiful interiors on Pinterest and Instagram – here you can discover the latest trends and inspiring innovations up close. We welcome you with love and beautiful furniture, coverings, and accessories in the fall; in the meantime, join us on Facebook and Instagram!



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