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The paint that encourages you to break the rules

Annie Sloan at S/ALON BUDAPEST

When she couldn’t find an appropriate decorative paint product for her specific needs, Annie Sloan decided to create her own, flexible line of paints.

Her invention shook the foundations of interior decoration and wall paints, as the paint collection of the English designer proved to customers that their homes can be easily decorated without help from experts. 31 years have passed since the release of Chalk Paint™, and it has become more relevant than ever. To prove this point, designers of S/ALON BUDAPEST utilized the visual power of Annie Sloan paints in several exhibitor interiors of the event, such as Billerbeck, ArtnesTechnoGym and Molteni&C, as well as the Hello Hungarian Design installation and the incomparable Colors of the World interiors of S/ALON BUDAPEST. To find out more about the gist of Chalk Paint™ and its peculiar qualities, we talked to the exclusive Hungarian distributors of Annie Sloan paints.

Who is Annie Sloan?

Creative artist and color expert Annie Sloan is the founder of one of the most popular, premium quality English furniture and wall paint brands, Annie Sloan, as well as inventor of Chalk Paint™. In her early career she professed a deep interest in wall painting, leading her to publish The Complete Book of Decorative Paint in 1987, which, to this day, is one of the most important textbooks on the subject. Annie turned to furniture painting after this, and it led to the development of her famous Chalk Paint™.

What exactly is Chalk Paint™, and why was it necessary for Annie Sloan to develop a brand new branch of paints?

Annie desired to create a new type of paint and share her passion for painting and creative hobbies with a much wider audience. This was Chalk Paint™, a product named after its velvety, matte look. Her vision was to come up with a paint that is very easy to use and has excellent adhesive qualities, and to prove that painting at home can be made simple and fun.

The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ encourages you to break the rules and focus on the creative process that, thanks to the product, can be free, independent and instinctive

Besides Chalk Paint™, Annie Sloan developed a new, premium quality wall paint brand. What makes this new product line so peculiar?

Annie took the lessons learned throughout the development of the Chalk Paint™ and combined them with her artistic vision to create a novel line of wall paints. The quality and color palette of these products are a proper representation of Annie’s commitment and perfectionist attitude. In October 2021, Annie released her latest collection of curated, premium wall paints based on the brand new Annie Sloan paint formula. The details of this collection can be read here.

These paints are characterized by 3 distinct qualities: premium ingredients, a curated color palette and timelessness.


The soft, almost creamy texture, rich tones and excellent coverage of these paints make them the perfect tool in creating stunning interiors. Their composition allows the painting process to be simple and effective. You can transform your home under a day thanks to their exceptional drying time and coverage, even in one layer. The low VOC of these paints and “A” air quality rating make them safe and suitable for use in the most sensitive spaces - such as children’s rooms.

The end result is the display of deep, velvety colors, guaranteed by Annie Sloan’s expertise in colors and paints.

The new collection due to be released in October 2021 is really like a capsule wardrobe that was curated by Annie, in accordance with her expertise and deep understanding of interior decoration trends. The 32 different shades represent iconic locations, award winning interiors and world-renowned architects from all around the globe. With them, you can invite many amazing corners of the world to your home, including the island of Capri, the fashion streets of London, Marrakesh or even the stunning aesthetics of the porcelain collections of Madame de Pompadour. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the 32 premium wall paints in this collection.

Each time you decide to revamp your home, or even one or two rooms in the apartment, it takes some consideration. One of the most difficult dilemmas is choosing the right colors, and once we arrive at the right decision, it is only natural to assume that our new color will retain its shine and appearance for a long time. Who would want to repaint their homes each year? Annie Sloan wall paints are washable, making them easy to clean, while also keeping their original colors with their timeless design.

All in all, our experience and the research conducted by the brand proves that Annie Sloan paints are

among the best premium quality, durable and washable paint products available on the international and Hungarian market.

What are the colors of the year for Annie Sloan Hungary? Which products and colors proved to be the most popular among customers in 2021?

Our experiences tell us that most of our customers are still yearning for calm, subtle shades. The most popular products, thus, include the cool Old White, or the bluish Paris Grey that evokes the atmosphere of elegant French palaces. Soft shades of green and blue are also getting their time in the limelight this year. When compiling her latest collections of wall paint, Annie followed these aforementioned trends and tried to both emulate and develop them. This led to the traditional, rustic green color of Cotswold Green that is a result of combining the aesthetics of Chateau Grey and Old White. Obviously, both the Chalk Paint™ and wall paint collections feature a number of bold and outstanding color choices for those looking for some spark in their everyday lives.

For DIY enthusiasts, furniture painting at home is a familiar exercise. Interestingly, the DIY movement grew to be one of the unexpected forerunners of sustainable efforts, as a new paint will extend the life of old furniture. How important are said efforts and environmental awareness to Annie Sloan?

To be honest, when the brand was founded in 1990, none of these efforts were taken into consideration. Annie merely hoped to provide people with the opportunity to create freely at home, without the need for professional help. When the brand entered the Hungarian market in 2014, sustainability was far from being a hot topic yet, not only at Annie Sloan, but globally as well. At that time, all we did was work exactly as our ancestors did: they had no idea about things such as sustainability or eco-footprint, yet, they lived their lives following those initiatives unconsciously. They ate what they had grown and they reused whatever they could.

Naturally, by 2021 we decided to include sustainable efforts in our philosophy, so that the perspectives of environmental awareness and similar initiatives can reach everyone, even those outside the DIY movement. More and more people are trying their hands at furniture painting. And our efforts to protect our natural environment include many aspects of our business, from eco-friendly packaging through electronic bills and encouraging our colleagues to take the train or bicycle to work.

Many people feel intimidated by repainting their interiors. What would you say to them that could change their mind and prove that painting at home could be a simple and fun experience?

One of the key aspects of our brand philosophy is that “you can do it yourself!” This is why all of Annie Sloan paints and collections consist of very simple formulas. Our furniture paints, Chalk Paint™ and wall paints have a fantastic texture, are very easy to apply and don’t need any sort of preparations or professional expertise. They ensure rich colors, amazing coverage and adhesion. Many people are indeed a bit insecure, but this insecurity vanishes the moment you try it out once.

Our duty is to provide that first push.

As part of the collaboration between exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST, the paints of Annie Sloan were present in a number of interiors at the event this September. Can you tell us about these interiors and the products used?

First of all, let me say that it was beyond flattering to see the sheer number of designers that decided to utilize the paints of Annie Sloan for their outstanding exhibition interiors and brand spaces at S/ALON BUDAPEST. Thanks to their commitment, visitors had the chance to encounter Annie Sloan products on all corners of the event. The fact that these paints were used to create these wonderful interiors was an important aspect of our business, as it showed just how many diverse and wide-ranging solutions there are when using Annie Sloan paints. Many people tend to apply one or two colors in their homes, but at S/ALON BUADPEST, the multitude of Annie Sloan products resulted in truly creative and vibrant spaces.

As I mentioned earlier, Annie Sloan collections are getting a revival in 2021. We are hoping to collaborate more closely with designers and interior decorators in the future.

We would love to witness Annie’s original vision of creative freedom set foot in more and more homes around the world.

Where and when will the new wall paint collections be available in Hungary?

The paint cans are already stacked high up in the Annie Sloan warehouse in Oxford. Distribution of products is underway globally, meaning that by October we should be able to provide European and Hungarian customers with the best of Annie Sloan. We know that delays in shipping can be problematic when you are in the middle of refurbishments, so we are working hard to ensure the fastest shipping services possible. As usual, all Annie Sloan paints and products will be available in great numbers for our Hungarian customers. Our goal is to provide excellent and wide-ranging services to both the general public and our professional partners, and to be at the ready for anyone who is looking for either our products or our professional advice and help.

At S/ALON BUDAPEST, visitors get a chance each year to take a peek into the turbulent and colorful reality of premium Hungarian and international design in the form of extraordinary interior concepts and the latest product releases. Be sure to join us at the Budapest Arena next year, when we’re returning with S/ALON BUDAPEST 2022!



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