We spend third of our lives sleeping. The way we refresh and relax is hugely affected by the furnitures and accessories of our bedroom, including our mattresses and duvets. And then, when we finally get out of bed, our morning mood can have quite an impact on us and our environment, proving that our sleep environment must be properly taken care of. Billerbeck, celebrating its 100th annirversary this year, offers its range of high-quality products for creating a modern and harmonious bedroom. 

The quality of materials used in production is Billerbeck’s primary concern. Along with that, the brand is looking to reduce the environmental stress of its manufacturing processes. Their duvets and cushions are made of a healthy balance of traditional and state-of-the-art materials. When utilizing synthetic materials for its products, it is imperative for Billerbeck to lower the use of technologies and processes that have harmful effects on the environment. The protection of our environment is more than just a trendy campaign slogan here: Billerbeck is leading the way in the industry to leave harmful, synthetic materials behind in exchange for a better future. Take a look at the brand’s outstanding ÖKO SoftnesSt and ZeroPUR solutions.