Vákum Design

Vákum Design opened in spring 2011 with the idea of becoming a bright spot in Budapest’s interior design palette, to offer something that is not or only partially available elsewhere in the furniture and design market. The spirit is strongly influenced by Western European design, Bauhaus and the style trends of the 50s and 60s and 70s, but also draws a lot from Scandinavian forms. In addition to 20th century design pieces, Vákum Design’s range also emphasizes more modern trends from contemporary designers and manufacturers.

Their aim is to transform living spaces into comfortable, lovable homes with a unique style and captivating atmosphere. Their shop in Óbuda offers a selection of dining tables, chairs, sofas, sideboards, lamps, accessories and contemporary paintings.






1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 126.



FAMEG products guarantee not only traditional craftsmanship, but also uniqueness of form thanks to a renewed, youthful design team. The Thonet bending technology, used since 1881, has thus been complemented by a modern design line. Only the highest quality woods are used, such as beech, ash, walnut, alder and oak. The extremely precise design, finish and turning give the furniture its unique shape.


The products of the Red Dot design award-winning Gazzda factory include beautiful solid wood sideboards, chairs, dining tables and beds. With clean, slightly rounded lines, graceful push-button drawers and a combination of solid wood and natural linoleum, their furniture looks good in almost any modern living space.


SITS furniture is made with conscious design, sustainability, craftsmanship and comfort in mind. A wide range of shapes and colors to meet individual needs and ensure the highest possible quality.


Metal works in a variety of colors and shapes, combined with different solid woods. This is what characterizes the furniture of the MMH factory. Their products are mainly small coffee tables, trays, shelves, hangers and mirrors, which can be a youthful and fresh addition to the home.