For the past 30 years, Uniket has been distributing the premium quality carpets and related flooring solutions of top European manufacturers. Its collection is charactarized by a harmonic color palette and a diverse range of carpets, suitable for a number of living spaces such as private homes, hotels, health or other public institutions. Uniket is determined to raise awareness of environmental protection and sustainability, meaning that a number of their distributed products are made of recycled material. Along with these, Uniket manufactures its own line of stair carpets, based on Uniket’s own patent.





Bolon, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, was the first manufacturer who created a groundbreaking new flooring solution with the use and recycling of leftover vinyl parts. Working with internationally renowned designers, Bolon manufactures a line of flooring items that are unique and extraordinary in appearance.


German Infloor manufactures carpets with the help of Colaris printing technique, resulting in an outstanding number of possible colors and patterns for its carpets. With this technology, designers face no boundaries, as they get access to 500.000 colors and shades.


Founded 130 years ago, Vorwerk is and has always been committed to quality carpet manufacture. This commitment results in a business that is renowned for its premium quality materials, its sustainable technologies and excellent design.