Top Trade

We spend most of our days in our homes, workplaces and other interiors. Besides the desire to spend this time in harmonious spaces, we thrive for healthy and environmentally aware alternatives to interior design solutions, including flooring products. The carpets, design floors, textile wallpapers, curtains and drapes of Top Trade are produced in accordance with the latest sustainability requirements. These products are beautiful, elegant and practical, containing more and more recyled material, and becoming more and more recyclable themselves in the process.

"Waste is not waste until it is wasted."



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Ege Carpets

Danish Ege Carpets manufactures outstanding carpets. Ege delivers unparalelled comfort to homes, hotels and offices thanks to stunning wool, synthetic and velour carpets by world famous star designers and young Scandinavian talents. The diverse Ege portfolio includes an endless variety of patterns, materials and colors, along with custom-made solutions for clients. At S/ALON BUDAPEST, Ege will present floor textiles designed by Tom Dixon and Christian Lacroix.


Luxury textile and vinyl wallpapers, airy drapes and a harmonious selection of elegant furniture will bring Dutch elegance to interiors thanks to Vescom. In the community areas of S/ALON BUDAPEST, Vescom curtains designed and made specifically for the event will be complemented by Ege carpets designed by Christian Lacroix.


Silk, Tencel, Merino wool: these are the main ingredients of Jacaranda handmade carpets. The elegance of silk, the lustrous sheen of Tencel, or the cosy softness of wool are what make Jacaranda’s carefully crafted premium rugs so special. All this under the aegis of a British company committed to the environment, which has reformed its corporate principles in recent years in the interests of sustainable operations.