Queen Home Textil

Queen Home Textil is part of a brand group working in the fields of architecture, interior design and decoration. The group’s owners operated in the design business for the past 25 years both in Hungary and abroad. Their philosophy is based on the love of homes where every minute well spent contributes to the well-being of every family member. Because of this, it is essential to furnish you home with products of appropriate quality and standards, in order to be able to create that relaxing, well-deserved home environment, uniting design and function in a harmonious way.

Queen Home Textil compiled a product portfolio that represent the best in quality and in trendsetting design, including leading decorational, drapery, tapestry, wallpaper, carpet and flooring brands. The full product range of Queen Home Textil is available at their store in the MaxCity Design Centrum in Törökbálint, where visitors can also look for the professional interior design advice and a number of related services of the brand.




+36 30 302 6770


2045 Törökbálint, MaxCity Design Centrum



Spanish Alhambra and its signature home textiles are standards for the international design scene and customers looking for unique and premium design solutions alike. When you dive into their collections, you enter an astonishing new world of the endless variations of textiles, textures, colors, lights and motifs.

Tim Wilman

British designer Tim Wilman and his team bring a diverse collection of  premium quality, luxury wallpapers to life to create the most inspiring interiors. Informing us of the design team’s utmost creativity, the collection includes both traditional, artisan motifs and bold, groundbreaking contemporary design ideas as well, along with the natural and stunning contrast of the two. Tim Wilman wallpapers are based on the stunning viles material, which makes installation easier and results in a flexible and durable, resilient product.