Momento Design

The Momento Design showroom opened with a brand new concept and vision, and a wide product range. It’s an interior design center where all customers and clients can find what’s perfect for them, with the help of Momento Design’s team of experts. Flooring solutions, furniture, fabrics and accessories - it’s all there.

In the center of the Momento Desing philosophy are premium brands and manufacturers - the showroom provides them with a platform to showcase their wonderful products and services. This is especially suitable for those brands who don’t yet have a fixed clientele. Thanks to the capabilities of the showroom environment, these brands can easily build and strengthen their relationship with customers and design enthusiasts.

Momento Design is a regular participant of design exhibitons and fair, from Frankfurt to Milan, and even oversees, with the goal of discovering the most amazing brands and products of the design world.




Clean design and slick material use results in the elegant appearance of BetteCraft sinks. All products are hand-crafted through a complex process involving stainless steel. The thin sidewalls result in a subtle and organic visual effect.


German HÜPPE created a brand new market sector in 1966 with the invention of the very first shower cabin. Its position as marketleader ever since is a result of quality material use and groundbreaking design. Its wide product range offers a solution for all demands, thanks to 120 years of expertise and the constant use of innovative techonologies.


KLUDI was founded as a family business in Menden, Germany in 1926. It has since become an international corporation manufacturing and distributing bathroom and kitchen sinks, taps, showers, bathroom items and accessories, as well as complete bathroom solutions. In the center of the world of KLUDI is the use of water, in an emotional and practical sense as well. Their taps are more than simple sources of water: they elevate their users’ quality of life with their design, function and quality.