Maya Home

For decades now, MAYA HOME has been providing its services in interior decoration and curtain installation for private and business clients. In 2017, Maya Home opened its first showroom, presenting its exclusive line of premium quality, internationally renowned brands and manufacturers in the field of interior design. Its featured brands are GRANGE, manufacturers of classic French furniture, Edition Bougainville with its luxury carpet, and the wonderful Florence home fragrances of Dr Vranjes.



Dr. Vranjes Firenze

The home fragrances of Dr. Vranjes Firenze bring a touch of luxury in your home. These fragrances are created with exceptional care and craft, as all of them are personal creations and masterpieces of Dr Vranjes, inspired by the traditions of Florence. Presented in a glass reminiscent of the Duomo di Firenze, the fragrances are available via bamboo sticks or as decorative candles, in many sizes.

Edition Bougainville

Even though Edition Bougainville is a master of traditional weaving techniques, its dynamic collection is highly diverse in style and function, suitable for a wide range of homes, from modern to classic. They can be easily customized in manufacture to fit customer needs perfectly. Silk-wool threads are colored in advance, and the carpet is created and finalized in Nepal based on previously agreed design plans, using a variety of unique weaving technologies and styles, such as Aubusson and New Aubusson.


The history of Classical France is evident in the design of Grange furniture, but these unique items are easily customized to suit any home and environment. Grange furniture is made of oak or cherry wood, or precious wood veneer with a touch of metal and glass, reminiscent of Bourgeois luxury items. These products are precise in manufacture, and display the unmistakable perfection of traditional handcraft furniture. These products are classical in manufacture, but are diverse in shape and form, capable of even the most contemporary appearances.