A neat fragrance can have a powerful effect over your perception of a room: the many layers of an amazing perfume evoke memories, associations, and talk to the very core of your soul. Whether it’s the poetic atmosphere of Florence brought into a living room, the rich, timeless elegance of exotic condiments and frankincense introducet into an unremarkable office meeting room, or a sensual, deep and tempting perfume in the bedroom: Lakásparfüm knows how to transform your home.



Scent Company

Founded in 2005, Italian Scent Company is one of the leaders of the peculiar market of olfactory branding. The business offers unique and one-off olfactory branding services, inspired by Italian haute perfumery and the nation’s cultural and artistic traditions. Scent Company creates signature scents that utilize the power of senses to form a sensory bond with any brand.

Culti Milano

CULTI MILANO was born from the intuition of the eclectic mind of Alessandro Agrati. CULTI was inspired by a desire to found a new culture of living that was missing from the days of 1988. The project that spanned cultures and styles went down a 30-year-long road and became a truly personal brand through meticulous and creative planning. It is as personal as our culture is that is shaped by our own experiences. And it is as personal as a fragrance is that brings back sweet memories.