A neat fragrance can have a powerful effect over your perception of a room: the many layers of an amazing perfume evoke memories, associations, and talk to the very core of your soul. Whether it’s the poetic atmosphere of Florence brought into a living room, the rich, timeless elegance of exotic condiments and frankincense introducet into an unremarkable office meeting room, or a sensual, deep and tempting perfume in the bedroom: Lakásparfüm knows how to transform your home.



Côte Noire

The luxury appearance of English Côte Noire diffusors can easily become a spectacular part of any home, store or office. Côte Noire products evoke the atmosphere of the English Royal Court and palaces in homes.


Divinessenze was born in a small laboratory in South Italy in 1995, where the owner designed essences made of fruit, oils and amber. Divinessenze is devoted to the protection of our environment and nature - their clean, elegant products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Mathilde M

Mathilde M, with its timeless, classic style and unique product line will bring a delicate and romantic atmosphere into your home. Ahead of its time, Mathilde M is regularly introducing innovative technologies to the traditional approach. Its fragrances and perfumes are made along with the most intricate perfumes of the Masters, in Grasse, South-France. The design itself is brought to life by the designer team of Mathilde Creations in Mâcon, France.