GermanDesign, distributor of premium German furniture brands, aims to establish a direct connection between Hungarian clients and German quality. At GermanDesign, it’s all about the client! The same way suits can be tailormade, so does GermanDesign fine-tune its design concepts in accordance with the needs of customers. They inspire clients with shapes, colors and materials. GermanDesign hopes to create interiors that are perfectly in line with the clients’ desires - the store doesn’t focus on specific products, but rather the whole of the interior as an all-encompassing experience.

Along with the best of German furinture design, GermanDesign offers its personalized and comfortable services to customers who wish to visit the store and fall in love with elegance, quality and style. The most diverse range of styles and atmospheres can be found in the GermanDesign studio, so that everyone can find the one that stands closest to them.



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All interiors have a center of attention, whether it’s a sofa, armchair or dining furniture. Koinor provides solutions for a variety of needs, combining the comfort of sitting and state-of-the-art practicality in the process. All products are hand-made from organic materials, giving the portfolio that much needed personality in our homes.