Finn Wellness

The philosophy of Finn Wellness is the popularization of "well-being": comfort and health of both mind and body. It also supports healthy lifestyles and so-called "lifestyle management" and its introduction to Hungarian culture.

Finn Wellness’ aim is to elevate its clients’ quality of life. This is the main motivation behind the constant innovation and expansion of its products and product line. Finn Wellness is also the exclusive Hungarian distributor of Italian Technogym products. The professional products of Finn Wellness, Finnrelax (including saunas, infra cabins, steam and salt rooms), as well as the fitness and wellness equipment of Technogym create the opportunity to provide a full wellness experience to clients.




Technogym is a market-leading company in the fitness and wellness sector. Their concept of wellness is based on regular excercise, healthy eating habits, and a positive mindset and lifestyle. Their segmented product lines guarantee adequate solutions for both the casual and the professional user, as well as hotels, corporations, institutions, sports clubs and healthcare institutions.


Finnrelax® offers a wide range of services, including full advice regarding its sauna and spa cabin products, design concepts, visual design, and a line of high-quality wellness products. Full advice provided by Finnrelax® is free of charge, where the focus is on the client and their lifestyle, habits and unique needs, all aimed at the creation and implementation of life-long design solutions.