Design Centrum CzechTrade

The Czech Republic is well known for employing a number of designers many of whom have already gained a reputation abroad. The importance and significance of design is realized by an increasing number of Czech companies which increase their competitiveness thanks to quality and timeless design. The bet on creativity and fresh ideas is a recipe for Czech companies for success abroad.

CzechTrade, a government agency helping Czech exporters to succeed on world markets, has been professionally dealing with the topic of industrial design for more than 10 years. Last year CzechTrade initiated the establishment of the Design Centrum CzechTrade, which will significantly strengthen design support at the national level. The task of Design Centrum CzechTrade is to continue to effectively connect Czech companies with designers, educate them in the field of design management, provide them with information on trends in the international environment and, last but not least, promote Czech design abroad. It will use a number of tools and services such as the unique online database Directory of Designers CzechTrade which will be expanded this year with new creative industries and language versions. CzechTrade has been a long-term member of the international organisation The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA).

S/ALON Budapest is delighted to welcome the Czech Republic as special guest at this year’s event and expecting more countries to make national exhibitions like this. The presentation of Czech companies, both newcomers to the Hungarian market and those already been operating here, will be organised by Design Centrum CzechTrade, these include the likes of 27ASCENT, Artiseme, Lucis, Pucolano and SilentLab, as well as renowned designers Tereza Rosalie Kladosova and Hanuš Lamr.




A new Czech brand founded by Lenka Kerlicka aims to create things of beauty to bring people joy and brighten up their lives. 27ASCENT is introducing the first collection of unique aroma lamps AITHÉR. The lamp represents the strengths of fire, the subtleties of scent, the fragility of glass, and the ductility of metal. AITHÉR was created in collaboration with a Czech designer Eliška Monsportová and a team of skilful artisans.


Artisème is a creative design platform curating the best of artisan homeware made for daily use. Constantly searching for infinitely beautiful items, Artisème turned its attention to creating unique objects following the imagination and talent of its creators. The brand is devoted to supporting the work of passionate artists and designers who often spend long hours perfecting their approaches while paying homage to traditional craftsmanship.

Hanuš Lamr

Hanuš Lamr represents the best of Czech jewelry design. His main passion and inspiration throughout his career has always been Nature. For his work, his usual choice of materials are silver, gold, gemstones and synthetic pigmented resin. These materials offer a sort of freedom that can seldom be found elsewhere, and inspire Hanuš to try and use them in the most diverse ways possible. His collections are a proof if this notion, and general audiences will have a chance to explore them at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021, namely: Crassulaceae, Fructus, Pisum, Coniferum, Folklor and Sacré Couer.


ISOTRA was founded in 1992 in Bolatice by Erich Stavař and Bohumír Blachut. ISOTRA vowed to continuously research and develop new, state-of-the-art shading technologies and fully explore their impact on household energy use. These applied technologies, patents, research and development resulted in ISOTRA growing to be one of the most important manufacturers of the segment not only in the Czech Republic, but on the international scene as well.

Iva Bastlová

Iva has been working as an interior designer for 20 years. She mainly works on projects that include private and business clients, and she always thrive to create unique spaces that meet the demands of her clients. Iva also designs furniture, wallpapers, accessories and a number of decorational objects and items. Her speciality is digital print, utilized with help from diverse range of materials. Iva is the president of the Insitute of Czech Interior Designers.

Kubák Szövöde

The Kubák weaving mill in Strmilov is built on a 150-year-old Czech tradition. The mill produces design home fabrics, such as blankets, tablecloths, napkins and serviettes, as well as a wide assortment of home accessories. The mill utilizes 100% natural materials, including wool, cotton and flex. Besides the quality of materials, the uniqueness of products is ensured by precise craftsmanship, an original, renewed weaving loom, family tradition and professional experience that goes back a long way.

Lexová & Smetana

Lexová & Smetana design studio represents the work of designers Terezie and Štěpán. The two young talents are lovers of custome-made items, exciting interiors, sets and smaller architectural units, as well as good coffee. They have been working together since 2018.


Lightway aims to light up dark rooms in our homes with the help of natural light tunnels in interiors, leading the lights of everyday sky into the homes of customers without the need for electricity. Thanks to Lightway’s solutions, eye fatigue and related symptoms resulting from the constant barrage of electric and artificial light sources is greatly reduced, helping clients to live a joyfoul and relaxing life surrounded by natural sunlight.


The ZED collection of Czech manufacturer of indoor light solutions is a unity of clean design, elegance and minimalism. Based on the concept of designer Daria Podboj, these lights are a combination of cable-attached decent spheres and an asymmetric, steel design. ZED was inspired by Nature itself: the lamp’s branching shape symbolizes the parting of a common source. According to Podboj, ZED is a light source that is stunning, yet demands very little from both designer and user.


Mayer CZ

MAYER CZ was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of German Mayer Sitzmöbel. Ever since its inception, the brand has manufactured MAYER office chairs and armchairs. Its product range has expanded on its own throughout the years, but most of its collections are still part of the German MAYER brand. In 2018, the business was overtook by two Czech managers who worked with the brand for the past 25 years, and continued to collaborate with Mayer Sitzmöbel ever since.


Founded in 2016, Pucolano manufactures handmade concrete design objects. Its aim is to offer a range of unique, custom-made concrete products to customers. The brand intends to breathe a line of atypical collections to life, all of which were designed to fulfill the diverse needs of clients. Thanks to unrivaled charactersitics of concrete, all products end up being truly unique. Pucolano believes that - as opposed to other materials - concrete makes it possible for designers to experiment and be bold.


We all love silence and tranquility in our workspace. SilentLab was founded to ensure all that. The brand designs and transports silence where there’s a need for it. In its factories in the Czech Republic, SilentLab works hard to create state-of-the-art wall and ceiling sound insulation solutions, as well as soundproof cushions, armchairs, and even up to 9-person mobile offices. These products guarantee a peaceful and productive work environment.

Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

Tereza Rosalie Kladosova is a Czech-based fashion designer, artist and an Academy of Art, Architecture and Design graduate in Prague. In 2019, she received a prize for the Best Designer and Best Fashion designer of 2018 at the Czech Grand Design Awards. Tereza’s design DNA is her humor, passion for visual storytelling, playful colour palettes and craftsmanship in developing unique prints and patterns.

Tesla lighting

Czech TESLA lighting is renowned around the world as one of the most important manufacturers of light bulbs and lighting solutions for the residential and business segment alike. TESLA lighting invests a great deal of its resources in innovation and quality - each of the brand’s products go through a rigorous quality control process, so that clients and customers are ensured of premium quality.


ENYAQ iV. is the first model from ŠKODA that was designed from the get-go as an electric automobile. Beyond the innovative and stunning visual aesthetics of the car users are welcomed by a passenger area that is based on a novel design concept, offering five different varieties of a lifestyle inspired interior.