Andrea-Design Interiors - Marandshop

For 14 years, Andrea-Design Interiors have been designing and all-around executing interiors mainly for private resorts and apartments. Founder and namesake, Andrea Szakos is an interior designer, who is personally responsible for the company’s works. As a permanent employee, her work is complemented by her architectural visualizer colleague, therefore their designs are presented at a professional level with photorealistic images.

The defining elements of their original character are Andrea’s unique decorational pieces, which are made by her husband in accordance to her designs. Often times they have their pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories made in cooperation with a manufacturer of their choosing. There is always something that is distinctively resemblant of their style in every space they create. This is what makes their interiors so lovable. Marandshop and Andrea-Design Interiors share the aspiration to furnish spaces with something distinctive, unique and hand-made in order to avoid creating conventional homes.



1054 Budapest, Báthory utca 15.