AD Makrame

The products of AD Makrame were brought to life by the love of craftsmanship, the search for a unique voice in interior design, as well as the harmony of design and art. Traditional knotting techniques that are the heart of AD Makrame are in service of highlighting the essential values of craft, individuality and uniqueness in interior design - contrasting these with the harmful notion of mass production and consumerism. All of the brand’s products are made by hand and from natural, recycled materials. By combining a wide array of shapes, patterns and ideas, and utilizing many hundreds of meters of yarn, all products are destined to become remarkably unique.

In our overly mechanized world AD Makrame can show the way of rediscovering traditional techniques and the value in good craftsmanship, while harmoniously uniting design and function in its product line. The AD Makrame portfolio mainly consists of lamps, pendant ornaments, divisions, curtains and a number of home accessories.




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