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The harmony of imperfection

Anyone who is up-to-date with the latest design trends must have heard the term wabi-sabi in the past few months. A year ago Scandinavian hygge was dominating the design world, but now it seems like wabi-sabi is becoming the number one inspiration for renowned designers and architects. What exactly is wabi-sabi and how can you introduce it to your own home and life? Read on and find out!

The basics

Wabi-sabi is much more than a design trend. It’s a concept that can be traced back to the 14th century Japan, representing an aesthetic quality with imperfection and the acceptance of change in its focus, as well as the harmony and connection between man and nature. Its principles are inspired by the teachings of Buddhism, so humbleness and modesty also plays a part. It’s difficult to translate the term wabi-sabi itself, but wabi encapsulates a sort of rustic simplicity, a fundamental clarity, while sabi refers to dignity, the quality an object or item receives after long years of use. Wabi-sabi does not merely accept but rather celebrates imperfection and the inevitable change brought on by the passage of time, holding up a mirror to the world which tends to forget about real values while constantly chasing perfection.

Wabi-sabi in interior design

It’s clear now that wabi-sabi has nothing to do with glimmering, luxurious appearances. On the contrary: it’s all about simplicity, peacefulness and the creation of an authentic, natural experience. Thus, wabi-sabi interiors have an emphasis on natural surfaces (such as wood, granite or ceramic), radiating serenity and, with the right amount of care, developing an beautiful and beautiful patina and wear. The use of simple, long-lasting items is essential to wabi-sabi, so your antique furniture and objects can work in a wabi-sabi environment perfectly, whether it’s a Scandinavian classic or a family heirloom. 

Go for hand-crafted accessories to evoke an atmosphere of irregular shapes and beautiful imperfectoin. A hand-woven wool carpet, artisanal ceramic tableware, all can easily became characteristic elements of your home for a long, long time.

Less is more

The main idea behind wabi-sabi is to find rest in an ever-changing, tireless world, meaning that in a wabi-sabi interior you can only place items that truly mean something for you. You have to stop hoarding useless items in your home and it’s time to create some much needed space. It’s time to make your home really your home. Find items, furniture, accessories that make you happy each and every day, and things that create an environment in your home where you can live your life the way you want, in adventure and in peace. If you think of wabi-sabi as more than just a design trend, and you discover its teachings, it will be easier for you to find harmony in your everyday life.

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