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Globetrotter style

For the adventurous heart

In a globetrotter style interior, you can truly let your personality roam free. These spaces, inspired by travel, are a collection of exciting pieces and items where souvenirs and memories from your adventures can easily find their home. You don’t need to commit to one style of furniture and accessories - you are free to mix and introduce as many cultures and impressions as you’d like. Let your imagination fly and make the eclectic spaces of your wildest dreams happen, and every day becomes a day spent in Wonderland. Read on to learn more about the awesome world of the globetrotting style!

Vintage and statement furniture

Antique, textured or leather furniture are all perfect for the globetrotter’s home. Having furniture with diverse styles and material in your home is, once again, made popular thanks to the re-emergence of mix and match trends. Don’t worry about your previous furniture choices, just grab anything you fall in love while travelling and bring them home - a new coffee table and ottoman will easily become a part of your ever-growing, diverse furniture collection!

Decorative textiles

Don’t be afraid of bold choices when it comes to your carpet or tapestry either. Tribal patterns, carpets created with traditional Arabic techniques - just visit local shops when you’re abroad and grab a few amazing pieces, or look around online! Along with hand-made items from local craftsmen, premium design brands are also offering a number of exotic, vivid and exciting carpets and wall fabrics. If you’re into natural looks, a Bohemian lifestyle or DIY solutions, macramé is just the thing for you!

Eclectic accessories

Grabbing a few amazing items and accessories from your road trips won’t be a chore. And make no mistake: you will be grateful that, after a hard day’s work, you can come home and relax in a soothing corner of your home, riddled with practical and decorative items with the most diverse styles. Besides the obvious antique globe, there are a number of accessories from a variety of cultures: beautiful Chinese vases, copper lamps from Morocco, African tribal masks and curious statues of Hindustan can create a never-before-seen harmony in your home. For a more psychedelic effect, use vibrant, strong colors, animal statuettes or even toys around the interior.

Inspired by art

Great artwork and paintings are a must-have in the home of the globetrotter. Classical pieces, forgotten works of obscure artists and contemporary masterpieces are perfect decoration for your interior. Visit local fairs and markets and look around! Fill up your shelves with books and albums - don’t be afraid of leaving some on the side table as well. The important part is to create an environment where you are surrounded by objects and items you love and gain inspiration from.

Come with us to the Budapest Arena on September 20-22, 2019, and discover what really makes the globetrotter style! Explore the exhibition where, along with brands and manufacturers, eight design moodboards will be installed to showcase eight distinct styles from the world of interior design.



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