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Take home a piece of design!

Looking for tiles? At POINT BUDAPEST you're sure to find the one!

How can 185 Florim and 55 Mirage tiles be effectively presented in just a few square meters?

Every year, our partner POINT BUDAPEST enchants visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST with a completely unique look. For this year’s event, they have come up with a truly innovative idea and a super-premium finish, typical of the brand. The creativity of Eszter Bertóty and POINT BUDAPEST’s wide range of products resulted in a sideboard that not only showcases the depth of the unrivaled range of the premium surfaces retailer, but also inspires you to rewrite the rules.

Florim - Cerim - Le Veneziane - Dorsoduro

In POINT BUDAPEST’s grand interior of almost 100 square meters, you will find two unique, custom-made cabinets. The sideboards are constructed from premium cold-paneled 10x30 cm slabs, cut to size in a professional slab-cutting workshop. You might think that with such a striking, unique look, the admonition "all for the eye, nothing for the hand" would apply, but no! Each ceramic tile can be taken off the shelf, held in your hand, and you can even take home the piece you like!

Mirage - Norr - Oken

They can be used in countless alternative ways in your home: as a placemat for an idyllic family meal, as a cutting board for a Friday night cookout with friends, or as bathroom decor where functionality is also important: a premium design souvenir can also be a great addition as a cooler holder for a hair straightener. And if you’re looking for a larger scale cover, take your favorite piece home and see how it looks in your own house or flat, how it plays with the light and looks at different times of the day.

Mirage - Norr - Oken

As part of the installation, a variety of surfaces and styles are revealed, be it marble patterns, stone or concrete effects - glossy or matt, textured or rough. Hundreds of collections from the Italian ceramic tile manufacturers Florim and Mirage will be featured in the POINT BUDAPEST interior. Among them will be outstanding collections such as Casa dolce casa Casamood Onyx & More, which demonstrates a great balance between elegance and creativity, drawing inspiration from the look of onyx stone.

Bal: Florim - Casa dolce casa - Casamood - Onyx _ More - Golden Blend
Jobb: Florim - Rex - Les Origines de Rex - Argent

The Cerim Le Veneziane, a reinterpretation of terrazzo for individuals with a more effervescent spirit. The raw, yet elegant Athmosphere de Rex with the dignified and distinctive look you expect from the Rex brand. Les Origines de Rex is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. Or look for the two popular Mirage collections, Lemmy and Norr. Lemmy is one of Mirage’s award-winning collections, with a look reminiscent of sheet metal. Norr’s pebble grain pattern has been a perennial favorite since the manufacturer launched the product.

Mirage - Lemmy - Nimbus

If you’re building, renovating or simply want to take a closer look at these top-quality and aesthetically outstanding manufacturers, be sure to visit POINT BUDAPEST’s interior design department for expert advice on finding the perfect tile.

Florim - Rex - Atmospheres de Rex - Mystere

Feel the tangible quality at S/ALON BUDAPEST between 23-25 September at the Budapest Arena! Join us on Facebook and Instagram!



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