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Road to your dream kitchen

2020 trend guide

The standards of what constitutes a modern kitchen have been thoroughly reshaped in recent years by the growing demand for a holistic design approach. Along with the introduction of ergonomic solutions, your kitchen has to be a harmonious part of the visual, interior concept of your home, as well as standing on its own as a fully-realized space. The range of modern ideas, innovations and appliances is growing fast thanks to premium design brands and manufacturers, who are well aware that, in a kitchen, function and form must be in perfect balance. Read on and see our compilation of the most exciting tricks, tips, ideas and design solutions of 2020, and take inspiration for your own dream kitchen!

Eternal marble

Natural stone surfaces are a welcome addition to any kitchen with their striking character and robust quality. Besides quartz and granite, though, marble stands out as a timeless classic, ready to be applied to a number of surfaces in your kitchen. The diverse patterns and elegant appearance of this material bring a sense of luxury to the interior that will never go out of fashion. For an outstanding effect, cover both the counter top and the backsplash with the same exact marble surface, and let its raw visual power leave your visitors in awe! For a more subtle aesthetic quality, you are encouraged to introduce different materials, colors and surfaces into the equation. 

Products seen in the image: Acerbis Maxwell marble square table

Colors of the year

Colors are returning to the all-white kitchens of recent years! When it comes to bold color choices, don’t hold back: introducing vivid and fresh colors will result in an electrifying and exciting interior. This year’s most popular colors include every shade of green: you can choose anything from the elegance of darker, more intense greens to the colder, more subtle variants of the “color of life”. And for those looking for out-of-the-box ideas, there are rich, deep blue shades, purple, terracotta, ochre, and the popular powder pink to play with in your chique kitchen. Manufacturers of kitchen furniture and appliances provide an ever growing range of color choices, so that applying paint to your walls won’t be the only way you can introduce youthful energy into the interior.

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. Magnet Dunham kitchen collection / marble countertop / brass accessories 2. Jan Cray Werk modular kitchen furniture

Natural quality

Environmental awareness and sustainability are among the most important issues of our decade, their implications reaching the fields of interior and furniture design as well. One of the results of this is the growing presence of natural materials in homes. Stone surfaces have already been mentioned, but wooden design solutions are just as fashionable and beautiful - and all of these different ideas can be combined with ease, including metal, concrete and even glass. Walnut, with its fine patterns and elegant appearance, unites unquestionable quality and sustainable, environmentally aware solutions in kitchens designed for 2020.

Products seen in the image: Riva 1920 solid wood collection

Floating islands

Kitchen islands are a popular addition to modern kitchens, and in 2020 they get an upgrade: islands are lifting off the ground. It’s a spectacular trick that will let your interior breathe a little without losing the crucial, primary function of the island itself: providing an extra surface for kitchen work and social interaction. The method for - literally and figuratively - elevating your kitchen island to the next level is entirely up to you: installing an under-cabinet LED strip, for example, will give the island a decidedly futuristic look. However you implement your ideas, though, cannot interfere with the original purpose of the island - so make sure you create an island that is resilient, showing off exceptional quality and one that fits perfectly into the visual concept of your kitchen!

Products seen in the images, from left to right: 1. Passeig de Gràcia / designed by Katty Schiebek 2. Bruno Moinard Obumex kitchen kollection

Minimalist handles

Creating uncluttered spaces is an important aspect of the interior design process. A clear and neat space contributes greatly to the overall visual concept of your home, and it helps to guide your movement in an area that is, by default, very busy. The creation of handle-free furniture is a modern incarnation of this approach, transforming the aesthetics of the interior with integrated opening mechanisms and diverse shapes. Serrated handles, uniform colors and the latest push-open and touch-to-open technologies ensure the perfect balance of style and innovation in your handle-free, state-of-the-art kitchen!

Products seen in the images: SieMatic Pure SE3000 R kitchen furniture / SieMatic Pure collection

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Our professional assistant for the article was Zselyke Szendrey.



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