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Stylish gardens

Outdoor living trends of 2019

For a stylish living space, you don’t need to stay indoors: you can just as easily go for a vibrant, fashionable and stylish terrace, patio or garden! It’s an exciting challenge, mostly because functionality is even more important outdoors as it is in your kitchen, for example. But there’s good news: the latest outdoor design trends of 2019 combine functionality and visual creativity like never before. Read on and discover the world of modern gardens!

A garden for social interactions

Most areas in your home are designed to accommodate your lifestyle, the same goes for outdoor spaces and the garden as well. Certain parts of a garden can be structured in a way as to be partially separated from the garden itself: these smaller areas are perfect for social occasions as they can provide a sort of shelter when the main area in a garden cannot be used because of the weather or other reasons. These partially separated spaces in your garden provide a platform for personal interactions or relaxation, even when there’s a bigger social event going on in your home.

You can even make these spaces truly separated from the garden with the use of glass sliding doors, and the use of organic materials for the roof covering, especially ones that make a transparent roof, can create a great visual effect with the help of natural light. Aim for a long-term, sustainable garden and set up a number of these “outdoor islands”, each for a different purpose: one for work, one for leisure, one for social events, etc.

Advanced plant organization

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic, lush garden, or a clean, subtle design, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to plant organization. Exotic, big-leafed plants are becoming popular for outdoor areas, as they easily make a mark on the overall visual effect of the garden, as well as being able to play around with them in a more complex garden design plan.

For a lush garden, explore the endlessly diverse range of wild flowers and plants to create a vibrant, electric and colorful garden. Succulents and cacti are also becoming popular, which are perfect for those who don’t want to pay full attention to maintaining their plants.

Outdoor living room

As days grow longer, nights become more packed with social events and parties, so it’s time to move your living room to the garden! There’s and endless range of premium quality, durable garden furniture such as carpets, couches, chairs, dining and coffee tables, all coming in a plethora of exciting colors.

And instead of pastel colors, go out of your way and try something wilder and more exciting, such as red, purple, yellow and blue! These all fit perfectly into your green garden, as well as making a good impression as accessories in your outdoor living space – try colorful planters, for example!

A material world

Unusual paving solutions have become the top garden design trends of 2019 – with the use of paving tiles of different colors and shapes, it’s easy to design a garden that suits you and your personality the best. If you’re looking for an organized, neat outdoor space, you can still go for even, geometric solutions, but you can also introduce some excitement to your garden by using vertical surfaces, walls for expanding your garden, as well as installing gabion walls for an organic effect.

Along with wood, different metal solutions are becoming more and more popular in outdoor design – they are great for partitions, pergolas, even as part of a pavement design. Concrete always brings that industrial atmosphere to indoor and outdoor spaces, while also having a clean visual effect.

Each year there are more and more amazing and exciting design ideas, innovations and solutions coming out in the world of outdoor design, so be sure to look around and see what suits you best. Visit Gardenexpo on March 22-24 at the Budapest Arena and find your inspiration!



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