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The secrets of the best leisure experience at home

As Autumn arrives, the summer holidays are officially over, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on some time of your own! The terms holistay or staycation are getting more and more popular, offering a more relaxing and easier alternative to long holidays spent at exotic islands. S/ALON BUDAPEST provides inspiration for transforming every inch of your home, so you’re sure to run into a few brands, products and design solutions that will take your home and your approach to interior design to the next level, making your home ever more peaceful, and a real sanctuary. Read on and prepare your body and soul to relax with style!

Premium comfort

To relax without compromise, you have to start with the basics. A number of furniture can be found, among classics and contemporary masterpieces alike, that stand out from the crowd with their form, colors and material use, as well as their unrivalled ergonomic design, resulting in the perfect leisure experience. Try a luxury armchair, a tempting couch, a velvet sofa, a soft chair, or design your own modular furniture with help from professionals!

Accessories with character

When you’re done with the basics, it’s time to turn to accessories and decorative items that create a special atmosphere in your home: they soothe you while they also inspire you to re-think your perspective when you examine your surroundings. You can invite the abundance of nature with progressive flower installations, and your living room can be transformed into a playful, stimulating environment with eclectic accessories, making indoor leisure time just a bit more adventurous. And don’t forget all the practical, functional accessories and dishes, elevating even the quickest meal, including that precious coffee!

Wellness and sport

Your body is your temple: meaning that, for your soul to fully recharge after some stressful times, your physical conditions need a good environment for regeneration. Splendid massage tubs, saunas, innovative shower cabins bring the authentic spa experience into your everyday life. Along with extraordinary solutions in the bathroom, professional wellness appliances are available, with their contemporary and elegant design making them easy to install and fit in your stylish, modern home. These state-of-the-art fitness appliances will truly amaze you with their performance and appearance.                     

Beauty and fragrances

As in many areas in your life, a holistic approach is always important when preparing your environment for relaxation. Optimising your surroundings isn’t enough in itself for the perfect holistay experience. To put the cherry on top, explore the world of Northern design products or the exotic, handmade products of Morocco, all in the service of making your stay at home calmer, and infinitely more rewarding. And after all this, an exclusive, mesmerizing home perfume will bring the long-awaited holistay experience to new levels, stimulating all your senses in the process.

Following the steps above will transform your life at home, making leisure time a true holiday experience. Are you looking for more ideas? Come to the Budapest Arena on September 20-22. 2019., where leading brands of the design world will showcase their best products, giving infinite inspiration for visitors. Until then, join us on Facebook and Instagram for more design ideas!



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