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Professional lighting with decorative luminaires

Discover the world of Luminis!

What happens when we combine the knowledge of professional lighting with decorative design lamps?

This year we welcomed Luminis for the first time at S/ALON BUDAPEST. Yet, you’ve probably seen the brand’s work in places like TV shows, exhibitions, theaters and art institutions. Furthermore, Luminis brings over 20 years of experience in professional lighting to architectural lighting and interior design. This competence, combined with decorative luminaires, results in a lighting experience that is not only aesthetic but also qualitative, which is a key factor in both public and private spaces.

The importance of light goes beyond its function of illumination - it also has emotional, psychological and aesthetic dimensions.

It is a dynamic and versatile tool that influences our well-being, shaping our perception and the spaces around us. Whether in architecture, interior design or art, light has a profound impact on our experience and the way we interact with the world around us. Manipulating it requires expertise, which you are sure to find at Luminis.

Irányi Palace

Read on to find out about the special luminaires you could see in the S/ALON Champagne & Coffee Bar and the Porsche design garage courtesy of Luminis, the history of the brand, its special projects, as well as architectural lighting trends!

Breitner House

Technical lighting and elegant pendants

Let’s get started in the design garage! Porsche, a returning automotive partner of the event, has been treating visitors to progressive-looking garage fantasies that show what can be achieved with a little design sensibility in a functional space. If the space allows, this room can not only serve as a technical shelter, but also as a lounge position. Incorporating the luxury car into a space transforms the vehicle into a design treasure trove to be admired.

In the space dreamed up by Blushflow, the spotlight was on the Porsche Taycan. The parquet flooring was provided by Fatik Parquet, the Fritz Hansen Egg armchair, furniture and accessories by Mobili Mania, the unique concrete wall covering by Concrazy, the mural by Péter Szabó-Lencz, the concrete effect mural by San Marco Hungary, the plants by Pálmaház Kertészet and the unique flower arrangement by Attila Németh Florist.

The stylish interior was held together by a floating BOMMA Dew Drops pendant provided by Luminis, complemented by technical lighting from the brand. Inspired by the familiar yet captivating shape and detail of dewdrops, this collection pours volatile beauty into a graceful body. Illuminated by an internal light source for an exceptional aesthetic experience, the crystal droplets, with their shades of iridescence, adhere tightly to the hand-stitched ribbons of innovative fabric. Thanks to the collection’s variable installation options, you can create unique compositions - the result is always an artistic installation that shines from every angle of the space.

Mood lighting for unforgettable moments

Every year, the S/ALON Champagne & Coffee Bar is an inviting haven for visitors to reflect over fine drinks, discuss experiences and take a moment to relax before continuing their inspiring journey among the design masterpieces.

This year, curtains and upholstery by JAB Anstoetz Group framed the space designed by Anikó Sárközi-Varga (VAN Interior Design), together with the soft carpet of Europarkett, which was beautifully matched with Trilak Héra Ceramic wall paint. The unique design upholstery was provided by the Kárpitos Group, while the plants and planters were provided by the Pálmaház Horticulture and Herbarium.

The SLV Pantilo pendants, placed at different heights above the champagne and coffee bar, created an intimate ambience with light filtered through smoky gradients.

"SLV has been our flagship brand from the very beginning. In addition to a catalog of thousands of products of impeccable quality, what makes SLV special is the extremely fast delivery time. They maintain a huge stock of products in a variety of sizes, shapes and installation options, which allows them to meet almost any demand at lightning speed. This, combined with legendary German precision, means a level of reliability and service quality that is unrivaled in this industry," says Kinga Kauker, Marketing Manager at Luminis.

Acoustics for atmosphere

In the bar you could also find the innovative Revolta range from Estiluz: open circles levitating in the air, complemented by fabric panels that muffle sound. Revolta is made of sound absorbing foam, which offers a unique and decorative solution to diminish noise in a room as well as to divide the space.

It has been clear for some time that acoustics and lighting are intertwined.

In offices in particular, this makes a huge difference, where acoustic panels can significantly reduce atmospheric noise, creating an environment that is not only more pleasant but also helps to increase efficiency.

Award-winning spaces

Combining efficiency, design and wellbeing is crucial in creating a truly harmonious space. Following this spirit, Luminis’ references include not only studios, galleries, hotels, sports facilities, clinics and private residences, but also the 2022 Office of the Year and Community Space of the Year.

MadDog Hangár, design: Hitka András, photo: Erdőháti Áron

The design of the MadDog Coffee Hangar, chosen as the Community Space of the Year, was based on the importance of separability, multifunctionality and modularity, which also influenced the lighting design. The location may be familiar if you’ve ever been to the corner of Dózsa György Street and Váci Street, as the iconic feature of the space is a 700 kilogram Kamov KA-26 helicopter suspended from the ceiling, which has its own lighting.

MadDog Hangár, design: Hitka András, photo: Erdőháti Áron

The building has a huge, curved glass façade and is flooded with natural light, which has been supplemented with track lighting, spotlights, pendants, floor lamps and coloured LED strips.

Irányi Palota, design: Pyxis Nautica

The Irányi Palace, which won the Office of the Year award, is the result of a major renovation project designed and managed by Pyxis Nautica. Home to the Publicis Group, this grand building, which combines classical and modern elements, has been designed to house several functions: a ballroom, a café, a kitchen, offices and studios. Luminis also supplied the lighting for the interior and the entire exterior façade of the Irányi Palace.

Irányi Palota, design: Pyxis Nautica, photo: Jaksa Bálint

People-centered solutions

One of Luminis’ latest office projects - the office of Turbine AI, which is developing generic, personalized medicines and therapies for cancer - also boasts complex lighting solutions. Paradigma Ariadne’s designers have transformed an irregularly shaped office with a large floor area into a welcoming space. The project presented a number of lighting challenges, for which Luminis provided custom lighting solutions based on its own designs.

Turbine AI iroda, design: Paradigma Ariadné, photo: Gulyás Attila

In addition to decorative luminaires, there was also a need for specifically functional lighting, especially in the laboratory, where higher than usual light levels, glare-free lighting and the best possible color rendering are of paramount importance.

"The ceiling of the space, which undulates between offices, required different fixtures. Using the SLV Numinos range of luminaires, both track, pendant and ceiling-mounted spotlights are stylistically unified, linking the rhythmically changing surfaces of the ceiling with lamps of the same design. In addition to functionality, aesthetics were also important in the negotiating rooms, and the ring lights are a tribute to the expertise of Portuguese manufacturer Brilumen."

Turbine AI iroda, design: Paradigma Ariadné, photo: Gulyás Attila

At the Luminis showroom in Építész Street, you can not only find out about the wide range of products on offer, but also take part in exciting workshops. Whether you’re looking for a partner for your own home or your next project, you’ll want to keep an eye on their work. And if you want to know more about the world of interior design, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



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