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Workout at home in style?

Design your own fitness center!

Today’s home gyms are not only a sanctuary for a healthy lifestyle, but also fit in with the interior design concept of your home.

Thanks to Technogym’s premium products, which focus on simplicity and functionality, there’s no need to hide your body sculpting machines in a separate room: you can even place functional yet stylish equipment in your living room. With these exclusive machines, the brand intends to blur the boundaries between fitness and home decor.

Also known as the new designer furniture, home fitness equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of design, materials and performance.

Form and function combine to improve physical fitness, strength, endurance, mobility or simply to support essential relaxation.

Whether it’s a dedicated room or a sports point in the living room, one of the most important factors when designing a home gym is the layout. Technogym offers a range of machines that can be easily integrated into the design of any room or space. Technogym Interior Design is a service that supports architects and interior designers in the design of wellness spaces. The development of diagrams and 3D modeling helps to ensure the optimal layout and realization of the space and provides a detailed preview of the result.

Synergy with designers results in customized experiences that combine aesthetics and efficiency in every space.

Another major advantage of Technogym products is functionality and innovation. For those who value the effectiveness and variety of their workout, there are many options in the gym machine range. The Skillmill motorless treadmill, for example, offers a unique option for running and strength training, as it allows, among other things, backward pulling movements as well as strengthening exercises such as plowing. This machine not only offers maximum performance, but also deserves to be the center of the room with its unique design.

Everyone who runs as a hobby dreams of being able to run on their favorite route at any time of the year, regardless of the weather, and always complete their training programme on time. In real life, this often comes up against obstacles, but with a professional running machine, you can achieve your goals perfectly. Technogym Run, the brand’s flagship product, helps you do just that. The device’s 27-inch high-resolution digital display allows users to choose the most suitable workout programme from a wide range of options (cardio, strength or high intensity), and even a selection of workout videos with professional trainers. And the virtual, outdoor workout programmes are adapted to the user’s speed.

Technogym products offer advantages not only in design and functionality, but also in the integration of home gyms. Equipped with smart technology, the machines allow you to track your workouts, personalize your training plan and monitor your results. Such machines can also connect with other smart devices such as phones or TVs, taking the workout experience to the next level. The Technogym Live feature offers endless entertainment options, including popular streaming services like Netflix or video sharing services like YouTube. With just a click or two on the device, you can also access social media and countless TV channels. Technogym Run also offers a variety of bootcamp workout programs outside of the treadmill.

For the 9th time in its 4 decades of existence, Technogym will be the official supplier of sports equipment for the Olympic Games.

But in all this time, it has never lost sight of the diversity of individual needs and the specific requirements of home wellness. For example, a treadmill at home must be quiet, as training is often done when other people are relaxing or sleeping in the home. Technogym Run is therefore designed with technology that dampens and absorbs noise and vibrations. The Slat Belt almost imperceptibly dampens the user’s stride without setting any limits to achieve the best possible performance.

Take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle: come to the S/ALON BUDAPEST home trend exhibition from 22-24 September at the Budapest Arena, where you can get a closer look at Technogym products and get expert help to set up a home fitness center! In the meantime, keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about the colorful line-up!



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