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Contemporary Scandinavian design for the eyes, hands and soul

The launch of Home of Solinfo

Ever since its foundation in 1990, Solinfo Group has become one of the most in-demand professional lighting, high-end furniture and interior design brands in Hungary.

The Group went to great lengths to satisfy its diverse clientele in recent years - including the opening of the Solinfo Café, the Vitra and Molteni Showrooms as well as the Solinfo Shop and the Roche Bobois Flagship Store, and a number of exciting pop-up appearances. And in 2021, a new chapter begun in the brand’s life, as December saw the launch of the Home of Solinfo, a place for the best of Scandinavian design where every design enthusiast can find the key to an elegant, sophisticated home. Find out more about the newest design center of Budapest in our interview with Solinfo Head of Sales and Marketing Georgina Egresits!

Congratulations on opening your new store! Solinfo Group has worked on a number of office interiors, hotels, restaurants, bars, and last but not least, private apartments. Your new brand, Home of Solinfo is aimed mostly at these clients. What are some of the new trends that arose in the past 1-2 years in the needs and choices of your clientele?

Interestingly, the seclusion and isolation felt by many these years gave the inspiration for Home of Solinfo, as cozy and comfortable environments have become more important than ever for everyone. The whole world gradually came to the realization that a well-kept home has the ability to enhance our sense of comfort and security. Coming to our aid are the groundbreaking schools of contemporary Nordic design such as lagom, sisu and hygge - and the diverse product range of Home of Solinfo.

What are some of the brands featured in the new store?

We are proud to offer a range of products that are exclusively available at Home of Solinfo and no other store domestically, thanks to our distribution agreements. Along with that, we are working hard to include the works of Hungarian designers in the store as well.

Our latest showroom introduces the best Scandinavian design can offer

at a whopping 400 square meters, ranging from accessories through furniture to lamps. We are welcoming customers with an enormous stock and readily available products of around 40-50 brands, including outstanding releases of Bloomingville, Broste Copenhagen, byNord, Design Letters, HKliving, House Doctor, Hübsch, Lucie Kaas, Meraki, Nicolas Vahé, Nordal Denmark, Novoform, 101 Copenhagen, Bitz, by Lassen, Hay, Kay Bojesen, Kreafunk, Muuto, Norman Copenhagen, Ro collection, Skandinavisk, Paper Collective, &Tradition, Carl Hansen and Son, Finn Juhl, Fritz Hansen, Gubi, Menu, Vipp and Vitra.

Why do you prefer the style of Scandinavia? Why do you think Nordic design captures the imagination of design lovers?

Their philosophy is based on the idea of simple and clever design that concerns visual aesthetics as much as practicality. Scandinavian lifestyle is characterized by a balance of elegance and functionality. Products aren’t made for display in the North: they are highly valued and proudly used on an everyday level. 

This is an ars poetica that is shared by Home of Solinfo as well.

By what standards did your product range take shape?

The knowledge brought to the table by the team of professionals at Solinfo goes way beyond a simple “design sensitivity”: we have been monitoring the needs of our customers for decades, and the compilation of brands at Home of Solinfo is a result of that empirical research. Our product range will be constantly updated, and you can expect to see seasonal items as well.

The Home of Solinfo range includes but isn’t limited to kitchen and bathroom accessories (such as trays, storage baskets, plates and mirrors), home fabrics, scented candles and diffusers, wall decoration and posters along with furniture and lighting products.

Where can we find Home of Solinfo?

Our new design center is located at 19 Rumbach Sebestyén Street in the 7th district of Budapest. Our wish to lure back customers to the long-forgotten experience of offline shopping is no secret. We have created a store that suits that experience perfectly and is complemented by style ideas, tips and advice from our enthusiastic and expert team. Naturally, our online store, the Solinfo Shop continues to offer a number of our available items to our clients.

Visit the newest store of Solinfo Group and ready your home for a very stylish 2022! And if you’d like to stay on top of your game in the world of Hungarian and international design, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram until next year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST!



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