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Modern maximalism

S/ALON BUDAPEST designer competition Part 1

One of the most significant missions of S/ALON BUDAPEST is to initiate a discussion and collaboration between the exhibitors of the event, and also to provide a platform for the fresh faces of Hungarian interior design. To this end, we launched a designer competition in 2019, and the 12 winners got the opportunity to design and erect their own interiors at the second edition of S/ALON BUDAPEST. The theme of the competition was maximalism, and each of the 12 winner concepts explored a different side of it. In our two-part blog article, we present the inspiration, motivation and the over-all design concept behind the winner interiors. Read the first part to explore the work of Architres Studio, Lilla Békefi, Blushflow, CasaLinda Studio, Home Ideas and Renáta Zsuzsics!

Architres Studio / Dániel Kis & László Csizinszky

Inverted interior design

Architres Studio has truly transformed the concept of interior design: leaving behind the conventions of horizontal spatial planning, their vertical system strives upward in the interior to utilize the smaller space in a smart way. The significant units and objects of the interior are stacked in the middle, creating a central unit in the interior, and each of the central core’s sidewall serves a different purpose, thanks to the inverted spatial planning. “This module can be fully customized for personal use and needs, and can be adapted to different spaces and interiors without the need to restructure its boundaries.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan Hungary wall paint / furniture paint, Ceramica Vogue flooring, Glass-Tech mirror, Hannabi custom-made sofa / accessories, Iosif construction, Lumoconcept lights, Rich-Art carpentry, Rokfort Home flooring / sanitary ware / taps, Simas sanitary ware, Tres taps, Whirlpool home appliances.

Lilla Békefi

A dance of colors, lights and symmetry

The interior of Lilla Békefi was a source of mesmerizing lights and playful symmetry, and it was largely inspired by the film The Grand Budapest Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson, and its visual and production design by Adam Stockhausen.

“Symmetry is always essential to the visual world of the films of Wes Anderson - a fact that is more than apparent in The Grand Budapest Hotel. The peculiar dance of colors and symmetry places the viewer in an ambiguous world, that is not only alienating in a way, but isn’t devoid of ironic self-reflection, making the whole appearance of this world humorous. I wanted to combine this extraordinary reality with astonishing contemporary design solutions, complementary colors and patterns. This game of symmetry isn’t thriving for perfection, but rather an organized arrangement of objects in an eclectic, kinetic space.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Adamlamp Lattice Light Ball, Decor Floor Marazzi Tappeto flooring, finecut plant installation / planter, Indagroup Bretz couch, InnoConcept Design Vitro glass coffee table, Life&Wall Stream wallpaper, MaxCity - KARE home decoration, Rafi dekor decorational wall panel, Remodel Stúdió armchairs, Torter Design brass collection.

Blushflow Design / Dóra Lilla Hanna Fügedi & Dóra Lilla Szatlóczki

An experience with interactive, airy boundaries

The soft, citrus-colored fringe bordering the installation of Blushflow Design invited visitors to explore the space beyond, as the interactive wall - set in motion by touch - revealed a modern furniture collection and a fresh, youthful spatial plan.

“Our curtain installation is a fresh, airy architectural wall that sets the boundaries of space without enclosing it: instead, it teases the essence of the interior space. Even by the softest touch the wall moves about, proving to be an exciting experience for visitors.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan Hungary wall paint / furniture paint, Decor Floor roundtable / carpet / decoration, Judit Dombóvári The border, finecut plant installation, Hannabi custom-made sofa / accessories, Judit Horváth Lóczi Connected, Judit Horváth Lóczi Sketch for the SHIFT projekt I., MaxCity - BoConcept chairs / decoration, MaxCity - ID Design table / carpet / decoration, Mobili Mania armchair / shelves / decoration, Slamp lights, Studio Nomad 3 LEGS table / 28° bookshelf / Archetype book end, Tubądzin Kerko Cielo e Terra Bianco Mat flooring.

CasaLinda Studio / Linda Papp

Spacious inner patio

“The installation of CasaLinda Studio put the essential importance of sustainability and timeless design in focus. The patio was decorated with beautiful organic materials, lamps and furniture of Hungarian designers, as well as a small stream of water, stones, a large moss wall, modular sofa, antique furniture and a live locust. And all this was mirrored for visitors - literally, as one of the inner walls of the patio was fully covered with a fishbone pattern mirror, expanding the interior space.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Annie Sloan Hungary wall paint, Artcore, Antik & Desgin chairs / table, CasaLinda Studio fountain / wooden pedestals, finecut plant installation, Viktor Friedl Kiss painting, Hannabi custom-made sofa / accessories, LumoConcept ceiling lights / wall lights, Luxtükör fishbone mirror wall, RugArt hand-woven wool carpet, Stone Concept natural stone floor, Zsdrál Design & Art porcelain ware.

Home Ideas / Hajnalka Kónya

Welcome to the jungle

The lively and familiar interior of Hajnalka Kónya was dominated by the natural aspect of maximalism: the decoration was filled with the thriving images of plants, animals and the wild forests of Nature unleashed. The live plants and small animal figurines - including a golden parapet, a baboon and elephants - served as more than just plain decoration: they became essential to the visual concept of the interior.

“The dominant colors of my maximalist living room are mustard, blue and purple, combined with a number of exciting materials: gold, marble, bamboo, velvet, sheepskin, walnut veneer, glass, metal and decorational wall paint.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Adamlamp ceiling lights, Europarkett Ferrum Swisskrono parquet, finecut plant installation, H&M Home decoration, Képáruház jungle picture, kika carpet, Life&Wall Eternity wallpaper, Ligetikarman.design Miotto Design armchair, MaxCity - BoConcept furniture / lamps / decoration, MaxCity - KARE furniture / decoration, Remodel Stúdió armchair, TK Walldesign - Casati Color decorational wall paint, Zara Home decoration.

Renáta Zsuzsics

The general’s personal space

The interior of Renáta Zsuzsics welcomed visitors with a historic space drenched in a complex, intercultural allusion. Each design element inspired audiences with extraordinary symbolism, leading visitors down in a road to the historic past, re-imagined in a contemporary setting.

“My visual concept, titled Sol invictus MMXIX, parallelled the characters of a general from Ancient Rome, and a modern strategist: it’s a vision bridging the gap between installation and living space. It can be seen as a military tent, a place where important decisions are made, all portrayed from an obviously masculine perspective. Italian furniture, timeless materials (metal), re-imagined versions of classic material (supermarble), direct and symbolic references to the Colosseum, wild animals and military camps, as well as metallic surfaces resembling weaponry, the Pompeii red and evergreen colors, glorious plant installations and the black angel wings of invincibility, the raw tools of exercise are all part of the atmosphere mimicking the glory and power of the Roman Empire.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: finecut plant installation / planters, Finn Wellness Technogym balls, Indagroup Slamp Avia ceiling lights, Life&Wall Colosseum wallpaper, MaxCity - KARE figurines, MaxCity - TH Design furniture / carpet, Resident Art Ágnes Verebics - Riadt ragadozó.

S/ALON BUDAPEST will transform the Budapest Arena into a grandiose design oasis for the third time in September 25-27. 2020. Join us on our official Facebook page and Instagram for the most exciting and astonishing moments of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019, as well as endless inspiration and updates!



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