The founder of Indagroup is József Pozsonyi, interior and industrial designer. The company offers not only design services, but also takes on every aspect of execution and project management. They complement their 30 years of experience with continuous learning and innovative solutions, in order to be able to meet their customers needs to the fullest. A fine example of that is the use of 3D printing technology for designing and creating genuine products. Their portfolio includes small studio apartments, upper-class homes, family houses and hotels as well. They are able to see the opportunity in everything from the smallest to the largest projects.



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Bretz furniture represents a lifestyle. The 120-year old german manufacturer’s pieces are a real treat to design-lovers, with captivating and eye-catching designs for every type of personality. Their products never shy away from wild prints and color combinations, while also offering more restrained and elegant pieces.


Authentic Italian looks, unconventionally novel lampshades, original and precise design, and a story to every product. Those looking for originality will definitely find it at SLAMP.


The strong reputation of Presotto comes from its firm identity associated with traditional an high-quality manufacture. Presotto is not afraid to go for the hard way: innovation. Since 1964, Presotto was defined by creativity, inuition, curiosity, optimism, experimentation and adaptation. Always a step ahead.