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Modern maximalism

S/ALON BUDAPEST designer competition Part 2

One of the most significant missions of S/ALON BUDAPEST is to initiate a discussion and collaboration between the exhibitors of the event, and also to provide a platform for the fresh faces of Hungarian interior design. To this end, we launched a designer competition in 2019, and the 12 winners got the opportunity to design and erect their own interiors at the second edition of S/ALON BUDAPEST. The theme of the competition was maximalism, and each of the 12 winner concepts explored a different side of it. In our two-part blog article, we present the inspiration, motivation and the over-all design concept behind the winner interiors. The first part can be read here. Now, take a look at the second part to explore the work of Chez Elles, Pont.co.lab, The Designory, Zestilo, Tímea Kincses and Beatrix Torma!

Pont.co.lab / Nikolett Oláh & Anita Felhő & Anikó Kuthi

Maximalism and geometry

Pon.co.lab demonstrated perfectly how maximum functionality in an interior space can be achieved without having to compromise. Shapes, shades and textures created a vibrant yet harmonious unity in their interior. They created a world of geometry where vibrant colored units, a diverse range of materials and surfaces brought the latest trends to life, complete with contemporary Italian design furniture pieces.

“The signature design of Pont.co.lab, present in our corporate image as well, radiates from every inch of the interior: walls, carpets and furniture reflect each other. These unique design solutions were inspired by playful contrast, multi-functionality and the need for maximum comfort.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Formöbel carpentry, wild plants, Ledmark - Lampalu lighting, Life&Wall Geo wallpaper, MaxCity - ID Design home decoration, Paper Up decoration, pointzero furniture / lamps / accessories, Shaw carpet, Studio Nomad coffee table / bookend

Chez Elles / Tímea Hadnagy & István Ulmann & Dániel Timmer & Adelina Kocsis

Urban jungle

The peculiar and sensual vision of founder-designer Tímea Hadnagy is present in the plans and design work of Chez Elles interior design studio. In their interior for S/ALON Budapest 2019, they combined the latest design trends with a warm, homely atmosphere. The focus of their stylish interior was a natural approach to interior design, represented by the harmony of darker tones, pastel colors and various plant decoration.

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Decor Floor chest of drawers, Edelholz parquet, Farrow & Ball wall paint, Goa Home accessories, Innoshop furniture / newspaper holder, Marandshop lamps / carpets / decor lamps, Naturtrend bamboo roll-up blinds / Thonet material

The Designory / Vanda Saskőy & Nicole Tsengwabeka 

Creative home office

The interior of The Designory is a truly inspiring environment for the imagination. Every inch of their comfortable and functional home office can be a source of creativity for anyone working there: stylish accessories, geometric and hand-painted patterns contributed to a dynamic, yet stimulating home workspace.

“The interior itself is a representation of the jungle of creativity that resides inside each of us, all molded into the shape of a conceptual home office. The team behind THE DESIGNORY consists of interior designers Vanda Saskőy (KWADRA) and Tsengwabeka Nicole (INTRA).”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Colorbrigade hand-painted jungle graphics, Decor Floor Marazzi flooring, Ecohunt jaguar head, wall ornament, finecut plant installation, Hannabi custom-made sofa / accessories, InnoConcept Design Birdy ottoman / Rosea bench, MaxCity - BoConcept Cupertino desk / Diamond dressing table, MaxCity - KARE accessories, Momento Design sidetable, blue ottoman, Nemiskacat Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan wall paint, pointzero Seletti The Monkey lamp / Panton chair, Vakum Design tables

Zestilo / Tímea Zámbó

Paradise in the city

Zestilo prepared an elegant urban sanctuary for S/ALON BUDAPEST in September, where feminine and grey colors mixed perfectly with lustrous flooring and soft lines and textures to create an almost supernatural atmosphere.

“My small interior evoked the atmosphere of an elegant metropolitan paradise, complete with an apparent feminine touch. Strict geometry and airy, organic elements are combined in the interior space, creating subtle tension with their contrast.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: Müller Mónika Showroom vases / carpet, Plantart plant / planter, Solinfo lamps, Studio Nomad 3 LEGS sidetable, Tubądzin Kerko Mullina Poler flooring, Vakum Design sofa / chairs / table / bench, Vitra plate, ZESTILO wall panels

Tímea Kincses

Bohemian elegance

“My interior for the exhibition presents a bedroom where every corner, every little detail radiates metropolitan luxury. Two functions are contrasted in this space: a bathroom and a bedroom. The grey world of minimalism is replaced by vivid colors and forms in 2019. This trend is evident when you look at the work of international designers of the past few years, with much fewer examples available here in Hungary. My interior was designed in accordance with this new trend and style.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: DIVAS Lakberendezés furniture / decoration, Elter Világítás Amplex pendant lamp, Ferenc Farsang custom-made screen, Max Light wall light, Méta Hungary M-Acryl acryl bathtub, MobilaDalin custom-made design background, Oleant Lighting chandelier / floor lamp, Smarthome design electric switches and plugs / speaker, Stone Concept Ariostea flooring / decorational stones, Wall Concept custom-made wallpaper

Dr. Beatrix Torma

Tribal art

The vivid interior of Dr. Beatrix Torma invited visitors to open their mind to the unusual, and sometimes even shocking combinations of colors and forms. This interior, inspired by the spirit of the Bauhaus year, was characterized by the strong presence of geometry, with organic material use serving as a counterpoint, all complete with beautiful vintage furniture.

“Art and fabrics, Hungarian and international bauhaus furniture pieces were all thrown in the mix in my interior, as well as domestic geometric fabric art and tribal, Barbary fabrics and carpets.”

Products and manufacturers contributed to the installation: acb Galéria, Anna Antikvitás, Nagyházi Galéria és Aukciósház

S/ALON BUDAPEST will be held for the third consecutive year between September 25-27. 2020. at the Budapest Arena.



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