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2019. 12. 17

Exhibitor portrait: Tubądzin

The ceramic tiles of Polish Tubądzin create true harmony in the interior through timeless design and elegance. Their smooth surfaces are manufactured through state-of-the-art processes and utilizing the most modern technologies and innovations. The dynamic patterns and bold color choices of Tubądzin surfaces furnish homes with real character, combined with timeless elegance and quality. Visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019 were invited to explore the world of Tubądzin, as a number of products of the Polish manufacturer were featured in the exhibitor areas of the fair. Read our blog post to find out exactly which interiors Tubądzin contributed its ceramic tiles to at the exhibition, and find out all about this extraordinary manufacturer!

A small glass house saw the inception of ceramic tile manufacture in 1983, started by Andrzej Wodzynski and Zygmunt Kazmierski. Since then, Tubądzin Group became one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, and a leading force of innovation. Since its formation, it has been consistently developing its product offer, skilfully adapting it to the needs of various customer groups. Each product of the company meets the most stringent European standards.

The extensive assortment of the Tubądzin Group is currently made up of four brands: Tubądzin, Domino, Korzilius and Arte. While the incredible quality and luxury appearance of Tubądzin tiles inspires architects and interior designers looking for premium solutions, Domino offers the same quality at a more affordable price to a wider audience. Arte products are aimed at DIY enthusiasts, and Korzilius, a longstanding German brand was acquired by Tubądzin Group in the past years. Each of these brands introduce their own, separate lines of products and collections. Their diversification in terms of style, design, size and use allows customers full freedom of arrangement.

Tubądzin Maciej Zień Grand Beauty

The Tubądzin brand is a proposal for those who seek out unique solutions. These surfaces and tiles become an integral part of any interior, and whether it’s the beautiful shades of white, or patterns resembling the natural world, or a combination of vivid, bold colors, these tiles show a range of visual possibilities that are unmatched. The brand has five product lines: Tubądzin, Colour – large format tiles with deep colours, Pastele – created for investment project applications, meeting many additional standards, Majolika – inspired by the Mediterranean ceramics and a proprietary sub-brand called Tubądzin – Maciej Zień creation, prepared by the famous fashion designer, demonstrating Tubądzin’s true passion for design and art.

Monolith Grand Cave

Even though Tubądzin is pleased with the reputation the name has built up in the past 35 years, the Group has decided to launch a new brand called Monolith specifically for a new ceramic panel collection aimed at architects and interior designers. The team has been working with these professionals for a long time to perfect the Tubądzin product line - and now, with Monolith, the Group would like to open up a brand new world in the manufacture of large format ceramic panels.

To meet the demands of the market, Tubądzin launched the manufacture of large format ceramic tiles at its newest plant opened in 2016, named Tubądzin III. At the plant - which lies just a mere 20 kilometers away from the first Tubądzin factory - a wide range of ceramic tiles are made with the help of state-of-the-art technologies and the most modern manufacturing processes, from the smallest available tiles at 60x60 centimeters up to the largest at 120x140.

When it comes to surfaces, Tubądzin is a force to be reckoned with. In its wide product range, Tubądzin combines function with design, comfort with durability, the power of quality materials with a stunning appearance. Tubądzin is made for those who are looking for unique and unforgettable solutions to transform the world around them. Naturally, a number of exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019 chose Tubądzin for their interiors. Scroll through the gallery below and explore the interiors where Tubądzin contributed to!

Tubądzin contributed its products to the following interiors: Blushflow / Kerko Cielo e Terra Bianco Mat, Hansgrohe, Méta Hungary, Sanotechnik / Kerko Industrio Antracit, Wellis Magyarország / Kerko Ash Gold / Kerko House of Tones, ZESTILO / Kerko Mullina Poler, Biophilia, Charmeur / Kerko Amber Vein Pol, Wabi-sabi.

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