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2019. 08. 14

Exhibitor portrait: Mobili Mania

Mobili Mania has been an avid contributor to the world of elegant design in the past 20 years, with its expertise in distributing original, premium furniture and offering exceptional design solutions to clients. In all their installations and interiors, both in their showroom and design projects, they thrive for Italian and Scandinavien items that create timeless harmony. Mobili Mania will bring the same spirit to the S/ALON BUDAPEST interior design event, so the least visitors can expect from them is a selection of wonderful and stylish high-end design brands. Read on to get a glimpse of what Mobili Mania has to offer this year!

&Tradition – Enjoying old memories and creating new ones.

The products of &tradition are characterized by innovative material use, extraordinary craftwork and contemporary design philosophy. Its line-up of unique furniture and lamps date back to the 1930s. The collection is a combination of the works of modern designers and items created by such designers as Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen, Flemming Lassen and Jørn Utzon. This way, the collection becomes a truly harmonious fusion of Scandinavien tradition and contemporary design, with a focus on a continually upgraded approach to material use and manufacture technologies.

by Lassen – Good design lives on through new generations.

By Lassen was founded in 2008 to celebrate the work of architect and designer Mogens Lassen. The by Lassen product line-up includes furniture and accessories design by him, along with the works of his brother, Flemming Lassen, and products designed by the by Lassen team. By Lassen stands for quality design, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. This family business gets its main inspiration for the obscure and forgotten designs and plans of the Lassen brothers, manufactured locally with the use of quality material.

Cassina - Classic original

Cassina, the well-renowned Italian furniture company was founded in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda, Italy. Cassina has always been regarded as pioneers of the field; the name has become synonymous with the early era of industrial design in Italy when small craftsmen were replaced by larger scale manufacture and mass production. Its Maestri collection features the modernist work of 20th century architects and designers, while the Contemporary collection showcases the products of contemporary designers.

Fritz Hansen – Exceptional in every way.

The line-up Republic of Fritz Hansen™ includes world famous classic and contemporary furniture, lamps and accessories. In 1885, 13 years after Danish woodworker and carpenter Fritz Hansen acquired his trading permit in Copenhagen, he founded his own furniture company, which soon become one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality furniture. The main focus of Fritz Hansen is the same today as it was more than a hundred years ago, even in today’s era of mass production: exceptional craftwork and premium material use.

Gubi – Evolution is the essence.

Gubi was founded in 1967 by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen. Today, the business is run by their sons, Jacob and Sebastian, and is a well-renowned distributor of lamps, furniture and accessories. Gubi focuses on the reintroduction and reinterpretation of old, classical furniture design for modern times. Along with this, Gubi seeks out the works of contemporary designers. These aspirations result in a somewhat eclectic, but nevertheless unforgettable product range that spread the notion of a luxurious lifestyle in everyday homes.

Rebel Walls – Claim your space.

Rebel Walls, founded in 2012, is a Swedish manufacturer of design wallpapers. Their wallpapers, which can be customized according to clients’ requirements, feature exceptional and unique, modern design. Thanks to digital printing, these wall murals can be precisely customized for any wall or surface, making sure that each and every customer can find a wallpaper that is perfect for them. The Rebel Walls collection includes wallpapers imitating wall surfaces, flower patterns, map or city skyline wall murals, all resulting in a massive product line-up where the perfect wallpaper is waiting just for you.

Viccarbe – Designed in the sun

Spanish Viccarbe manufactures its furniture in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. The city itself is subjected to 300 days of sunlight throughout the year, and this has a notable effect on the colors, materials and elegant details of Viccarbe products. These products are characterized by elegance, innovation and simplicity, resulting in practical yet inspirational furniture. Each and every item in the Viccarbe product-line up is designed by masters of contemporary design - such as Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayon, Piero Lissoni or Jean-Marie Massaud - and are perfect for use in private homes, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, schools and even libraries.

The exhibitor line-up of this year’s S/ALON BUDAPEST event has expanded, showcasing a real festival of premium design brand at the Budapest Arena. Follow us on our regularly updated website, as well us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date when it comes to news and interesting articles about the world of design! And on September 20-22, 2019, you can personally visit the exhibition for an inspiring and spectacular interior design experience. Stay tuned!



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