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Exhibitor portrait: MaxCity

The MaxCity Furniture Store is an extraordinary addition to the Hungarian design scene: at 30.000 square meters, the store welcomes visitors with a unique product range of more than 100 stores and hundreds of premium design brands. MaxCity offers a comprehensive solution to those in construction or home refurbishment works: each and every corner of your new home can be furnished and revamped with the help of products and brands found at the MaxCity Furniture Store, from kitchen through the bathroom, living room and bedroom to the garden and terrace as well.

For S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019, MaxCity created an interior concept that perfectly represented their diverse and all-encompassing product line-up for every room in your home. Six different living areas - antechamber, bedroom, living room, cigar room and garden - were joined to form the monumental interior of MaxCity, brought to life by designers of the National Association of Interior Decorators including Ildikó Budai, Edit Cseh, Beáta Kiszely, Katalin Petyerák and Tibor Takách-Batta, under the supervision of project managers Erzsébet Ács and Judit Kővári.

The stunning interior wasn’t MaxCity’s only contribution to the exhibition, as brands distributed by the Furniture Store made a number of appearances throughout the design fair in various exhibitor areas and interiors. Thanks to this, visitors could explore the unique and premium products of Bang & Olufsen, BoConcept, IDdesign, KARE, Parador and TH Design. Read more about these amazing brands in our latest article!

Bang & Olufsen

As one of the world’s most iconic audio-visual brands, Bang & Olufsen has been leading the way in design, technology, and innovation for more than 90 years. Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen began a modest production of radios in 1925. Working in the attic of the Olufsen manor house in northwest Denmark, their dream was to create a brand built on innovation, quality, design, and performance. More than 90 years later, the timeless and spectacular achievements of Bang & Olufsen were evident in the interiors of MaxCity and the Charmeur style interior.


BoConcept is a Danish manufacturer and distributor of contemporary design furniture and accessories. Their wide-ranging catalogue includes furniture and accessories for every part of a modern home, from the living room through the bedrooms and home office all the way to the great outdoors, all of them following BoConcept’s refined minimalist design language. Their furniture collections often feature variable or modular elements, providing a plethora of options and the opportunity for everyone to create the perfect solutions. Their flexible and diverse product range proved to be an inspiration for a number of S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibitor areas, including Blusflow, The Designory, Hamu és Gyémánt, Finn Wellness and Hajnalka Kónya, as well as the Charmeur, Warm Nordic and Traveller style interiors, and the Supercolor Delicates entrance installation.


IDdesign is the largest Danish home furnishing brand with an innovative approach to furniture and interior design, with stores all around the globe. The first European store outside of Denmark was opened in Törökbálint, Hungary, in the MaxCity Furniture Store, then in the heart of Budapest at Váci street. Its precious selection of products consists of modern furniture and contemporary design solutions for a truly metropolitan lifestyle. IDdesign doesn’t only distribute its own product lines, but a number of premium design and furniture brands as well. Their groundbreaking products created a special atmosphere in the interiors of Blushflow and PONT Co.lab, as well as the MaxCity Counselling Point.


Today, KARE has become more than a brand: it’s a symbol of exciting, groundbreaking and unique design ideas for those who aren’t afraid to introduce something peculiar in their homes. KARE was founded in 1981, and ever since then it has devoted its business to the distribution of the amazing furniture, wonderful lamps and elegant accessories, all in the service of exceptional design. Their pioneering vision made its mark on the interiors of The Designory, Lilla Békefi, Hajnalka Kónya, Wellis Magyarország and Renáta Zsuzsics, as well as the Feminine, Industrial and Traveller style interiors.


Parador offers a wide product range, abundant with a variety of flooring solutions, including parquets, laminated floors, Modular ONE and vinyl floors, distributing classic and modern pieces alike. For Parador, premium quality includes a combination of stylish design, natural appearance and professional manufacture technolgies. Parador products enjoy the attention of renowned architects and designers such as Zaha Hadid, Karim Rashid or Hadi Teherani, and in September the famous Parador floors made appearances in the stunning interiors of Maya Home and Kandallócentrum, and SpaTrend.

TH Design

TH Design Interior Design Studio was founded as a family business 55 years ago, distributing premium design brands from around the world, including Philipp Selva, CattelanItalia, DitreItalia, Bontempi, Calligaris, Pianca and Twils. TH Design thrives for creating the perfect living spaces for its customers, whether it’s a kitchen, diner, living room or bedroom. TH Design is devoted to harmonious colors, comfort and practicality, quality and affordability. Their comfortably practical products transformed the interiors of Renáta Zsuzsics, as well as the Charmeur style interior.

Save the date: for the third consecutive year, S/ALON BUDAPEST will offer endless inspiration and the latest design trends and solutions to visitors between September 25-27, 2020 at the Budapest Arena. Until then, join us on Facebook and Instagram for updates, blog articles and the latest news from the world of design!



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