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Exhibitor portrait: Geberit @ S/ALON BUDAPEST

Spice up the smallest room of your apartment!

Design no longer stops at the threshold of your living-room or kitchen - if you want, it can also permeate your bathroom or sanitary facilities. You don’t have to swallow the floor-to-ceiling tiling solutions, and you can safely break away from the flat monotony of neutral colors. At S/ALON BUDAPEST in September, Geberit proved in five different ways with the help of five interior designers that water closets don’t have to stay in the closet anymore.
After the opening of the exhibition the installations were expanded with more and more additions, allowing the visitors to witness the birth of the most stimulating contemporary bathrooms.

Twin Peaks

A restroom that evokes the atmosphere of one of the world’s greatest cult classic series. Mónika Terpák interior designer grasped the essence of the rightfully popular Twin Peaks, her eclectic style guest bathroom was simultaneously shocking, mildly crazy, and nostalgic. The colors of the series featured on the Twist washstand and on the Sigma21 glass flush plate.

Loft in the restroom

Vintage objects, powerful, rustic surfaces, and first-class comfort where even the king goes alone? Yes, it’s possible! In Anikó Varga interior designer’s bathroom, which she planned for the exhibition, the unique atmosphere was created by using rusty metal and brick surfaces, along with old lamps and boards, evoking the feel of industry buildings but tailored to the needs of the 21st century with modern appliances and accessories.

Tropical climate

Ildikó Budai’s tropical themed bathroom joins the natural freshness of water with the most contemporary sanitary appliances. The Geberit AquaClean Mera shower-toilet which provides outstanding comfort and cleanliness, the uniquely designed, modern and extravagant tap, and the crystal embedded lamp all create a characteristic balance with the rainforest evoking decorations.

Sophisticated luxury

Katalin Szalay cast her vote for timeless style, gentle design and austere forms when she created the restroom that evokes the world famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio’s modest elegance. The colorful glass, real wood, curved porcelain furniture, and the Carrara marble surfaces elevated the room above the simple status of bathroom, and made us say goodbye to the conventional white tilings forever.

British elegance

Interior designer Liliána Manka Gróz dreamt up a bathroom where different eras mix with each other. The wallpapers are a reminder of the traditional English interior, sharing the space with contemporary design furniture and sanitary appliances from the iCon product line, giving us a glimpse into a light and modern, but still traditionalist scenery.

Together Geberit and the collaborating interior designers have showed us that neither conventions, nor limited spaces should restrict your imagination. Stay tuned, we will be back with more interesting topics in the coming months, as well!



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