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2019. 06. 25

Exhibitor portrait: Edelholz

Edelholz has appeared at the 2018 S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition as part of the 26 exhibitors sponsored by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency, but at this year’s convention the company will present two stand-alone installments. Although the name Edelholz and their premium products suggest German origins for the company, Edelholz is a 100% Hungarian-owned family business that has become well-renowned in past years all over Europe. Read on and find out more about the king of wooden floors!


The history of Edelholz goes back some 25 years, when József Szalai, the entrepreneur grandfather of the current CEO Szabolcs Seres, laid the grounds for the business and set its success in motion in 1992. In the first few years the business mainly handled wood processing, but thanks to constant development, Edelholz started expanding its business profile, including the production of high added value semi-finished products, mainly sold for German wood manufacturers. The constantly expanding team of experienced professionals managed by Szabolcs Seres and Péter Vavra, building on the extraordinary oak resources of Hungary, has become Edelholz Faipari Kft. in 2005. The business soon emerged as one of the leading figures in premium quality oak and wooden floor manufacture, both on the domestic and the European market.

At first, Edelholz products were aimed at the Swiss, Austrian, German and Far Eastern audiences, but in 2009 the business opened its services in Hungary for the first time. While the majority of Edelholz products are distributed to the aforementioned markets, Hungary remains an important platform for the business. Because of their extraordinary quality and originality, these oak floors require great expertise when installing them. For this reason and for maximum customer experience, Edelholz offers full services and manufacture for clients. In the years 2012-2013, Edelholz opened its first showroom in Budapest, providing its services from there to the rest of Hungary. If you’d like to check out the finest wooden floors Edelholz has to offer, take a 3D tour inside the Budapest showroom right now!

Real Hungarian product from a single source

Only a few materials can be said to be truly timeless and can easily become a part of any home. Wood is one of those materials. This diverse and exciting material can be turned into anything you’d like to see in your home, thanks to the endless number of techniques and methods of wood treatment available. Whether your home is modern, vivid or luxurious, wood can be just perfect for it. All wooden design elements have a distinct and individual quality to them, thanks to the natural origins of the material. Still, wood coming from the same soil and area demonstrate more uniform qualities compared to wood that are cultivated in different environments and climate. European oak has at least 220 subspecies, so businesses working from a selection of this vast number of species, procuring oak from different parts of Europe, are manufacturing oak products that demonstrate the different visual and structural qualities of different oak subspecies. Edelholz, on the other hand, procures its oak from one source and one source only: a site near Zalalövő and its surrounding areas, resulting in a visual and structural unity in oak products that is as harmonious as it can get.

Oil vs varnish

Varnish creates a clear, thin film on wood surfaces, protecting it from wear and superficial damages, while oil gets absorbed into the deeper layers of wood, protecting the floor on a more structural level. This process results not only in a premium, matte surface, but also in a lively surface that has been treated with a natural substance. Surfaces treated with oil are more prone to wear damage (especially floors treated with pigments), but this sort of damage truly complements the visual impact and aesthetic effects of the floor. It’s another common misconception that oil-treated surfaces cannot be properly cleaned, while the exact opposite of that is true: these wooden floors are easily cleaned with or without water.

A damp cloth is perfect for mopping oil-treated floors, while their maintenance is much easier than those treated with varnish, as small damages and stains can be easily handled with the use of oil.


The glossy, varnished surfaces so reminiscent of Slavic countries is over, matte wooden surfaces are more popular than ever, along with the oil treatment of floors. Aside from the premium and natural effect these floors have, their texture is also rather extraordinary, as by touching it you’re not sensing a surface treated heavily with different chemicals, but a truly organic, oil-treated wooden floor. Natural and organic solutions are more and more sought after, and luckily now we don’t have to give up on our aesthetic needs to reach the desired effect.

Lighter surfaces treated with white pigments are becoming less fashionable in the eyes of domestic clients, as dark, smoked surfaces are getting popular. Hungarian customers are still fond of simple golden wood floors, radiating warmth and depth in any home.

Visit the Budapest Arena between September 20-22, 2019 and explore the amazing world of Edelholz wooden floors, as well as their brand new line of hardwood tables. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for endless inspiration and discover the exhibitors and designers behind Hungary’s biggest design fair!



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