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Exhibitor's panorama: Technology in the service of design

Thanks to the technological advances and different forms of innovation we are now optimizing traditional processes, giving life to new techniques, methods and materials, which in turn make our environments and lives nicer, better, more comfortable, or simply more exciting. With the help of the exhibition’s professional partner, the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency we showcase domestic talents - exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST - who use exciting solutions and bring a bit of color into the Hungarian design market with their innovative, fresh approach and production technology.


For almost everyone crystal chandeliers embody classic luxury. The transcendent effect created by the lights is the result of long planning, extensive material knowledge and conscious production processes. Designers János Héder and Judit Zoltai created the Manooi crystal artworks mixing this classic brilliance with a touch of the progressive, fusing the traditional materials with the most modern solutions and looking for innovative technologies that can bring harmony and magic to the living spaces. This approach can be found both in their design and their production technology, as it was also proudly showcased in their Origo product at S/ALON BUDAPEST. They use a special technique to secure the crystals to the copper plate from underneath which no other manufacturer has attempted before. It is no wonder that Manooi was the first Hungarian design enterprise that presented their very own stall at the Euroluce exhibition in Milan in the early 2010s, and their success still remains undiminished.

Paper up! / Koralevics Rita

The topic of sustainability and recycling has become a popular and important social issue in the past few years, and the modern approach of utilizing well-known materials resulted in exciting solutions in terms of both fashion and design. After a long period of experimenting, Rita Koralevics finally found paper as her source material and starting point, which she transforms into a new material, paper cement, by using a technique completely developed by herself. This shredded, easily moulded material made out of mulched paper waste combines the best properties of paper and cement: it keeps the natural beauty and light weight of paper, blending it with the sturdiness, refractory and waterproof qualities of cement. The articles created this way, such as vases, bowls and lampshades, are sophisticated, unique, visceral, and progressive. Rita works enthusiastically to perfect the use of materials and tools and to improve the technology behind the production process, while continuously looking for the innovative solutions that could help her keep the craftsmanship in series production.

Maróti Viktória

Is porcelain capable to transform itself and appear as a different medium? This is the question that inspired the birth of Viktória Maróti’s unique WOVEN - DISSOLVE product line that also made an appearance at S/ALON BUDAPEST. The technology perfected by the designer is redefining the method of weaving by using yarn dipped in porcelain slip, thus creating playful typologies, variations and structures that go against the very nature of porcelain. As part of the conscious design process the raw plastics take shape during the course of firing, achieving their final forms as pieces of art.

Worm Lamp / Ádám Vas Design

Ádám Vas is an industrial designer with a master’s degree, whose lifestyle and design approach are both very keen on protecting the environment. His playful sensibility is an important part in his design process, adding an unusual, distinctive twist to all his products, drawing people’s attention. The Worm Lamp displayed at S/ALON BUDAPEST is no different: thanks to its flexible design it can be pulled or pushed together like an accordion, and apart from its size and shape the strength of light emanating from the lamp is also freely adjustable. The creative design comes hand in hand with innovative production technology, as the plastic parts of the lamps are created via 3D printing, made exclusively out of biodegradable materials.

At S/ALON BUDAPEST well-established design brands and emerging talents came together and showed us the opportunities hiding in innovative design. None of this would have been possible without our excellent exhibitors and our outstanding professional partner, the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency.



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