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Exhibitor Portrait – Independent Manufacturers

Our exhibition provides an opportunity for the most influential, local representatives of decorative and interior design to show themselves to the public, and to start a thought-provoking, inspirational discussion between the designers and visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST.

We are especially delighted that among some of the most distinguished international brands numerous local and regional producers will also represent themselves. Their very own exciting articles bear the marks of both tradition and innovation, and their boldness opens up new perspectives in the world of interior design. In the following collection we chose four promising, independent brands from the exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST.


Meonin Furniture was born in the summer of 2015 as a carpentry shop. Founder Máté Bognár mastered the nuances of carpentry doing restoration works. As he did, he also started to develop his very own design approach: clean designs, the harmony of order, and aesthetic minimalism.

„Meonin is the connection of man and furniture; form and function are only secondary.

They believe that the mission of their furniture is not to satisfy our needs sprouting from everyday necessities, but to find the opportunities presented by the minimalist approach that is woven into all their products. Their pieces are parts of a system that lets go of all that is not needed, so that we can focus on things that are truly important: each other and the experiences we share.

Blum & Wolf

Blum & Wolf is the brainchild of architect Virág Albert and designer Pongrácz Farkas, and they are renowned for their unique lighting solutions. The essence of their philosophy is that lamps should not only fulfil their base function - they should enhance their environment with their presence alone as they become a distinguished element of space: whether it means shining through the night or adding a touch of inspiration in the light.

Their specific goal is for their products to create an artistic impression and to inject a hint of „magic” into our everyday lives. Be it an acoustic lamp or a pendant light, the unworldliness that heavily features in all Blum & Wolf products lends all interiors an enigmatic sense of harmony.


MobilaDalin, the upholstered furniture manufacture was founded in Romania by a family specialized in wood, furniture and fabric industry. Ever since their establishment in 1992, the quality of their products has been proven and assured by two things: their close attention to detail and their extensive sorting of materials, which meant only the most aesthetic and best quality fabrics were used. Their product portfolio is made up by their three key areas of sofas, chairs, and beds, but they also create accessories and other upholstered furniture supplements. They pay special attention to both comfort and durability, but they are also conscious of the aesthetics of their articles.

One of the cornerstones of their uniqueness is that they work together with specialists who help them design the collections inspired by the traditional Romanian furniture, weaving the aesthetics and cultures of different Romanian areas into their own styles.


Thanks to digital technology we now have the ability to create design solutions that would be too time-consuming or even impossible using traditional techniques. This is exactly what Adamlamp takes advantage of, as they digitally compose their geometric structure-based elements from which they assemble the lights. The modular structural components are designed by following several different geometric rules, and the lamps are completed by piecing these elements together individually by hand.

„Adamlamp pairs simplicity with playful shapes and intricate geometric structures. Their lamps are subtle but they still dominate the room.

One of the most exciting aspects of Adamlamp’s lights is the play between shadow and light that stems from the joint and overlapping elements. Besides the dominant white, the metallic surface and broken exterior are all typical characteristics.

Even these four exhibitors prove what amazingly diverse ways can be taken towards interior design and the topic of furniture. A lamp not only provides light, it can also be a key decorative item on its own; the use of digital technology enables us to create yet unimaginable articles; and furniture created with a conscious design can mirror our own personalities and perspectives. Discover the creative and refreshing world of handmade personalities at S/ALON BUDAPEST exhibition between September 21st and 23rd in Budapest Aréna!

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