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Exhibitor's Panorama: Sophisticated Surfaces

You can accentuate your home with countless accessories. You can choose furniture with unique covers, lamps with unparalleled outlines, or appliances that exude unequivocal elegance. Nonetheless, all living spaces start at the most fundamental elements: the walls. A tastefully selected color, a premium surface, or daring wallpapers don’t only function as simple ornaments, but can change the atmosphere of the room at its very core. Thanks to the distinguished exhibitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST you can now experience the opportunities inherent in surface design and how intensely they can influence our surroundings. Have a small appetizer from the selections of 5 esteemed representatives of the industry below.


The British paint manufacturer is an inevitable figure and trendsetter of the interior design scene. They present a color palette and surface structure that are completely exceptional and incomparable among eco paints, along with an iconic wallpaper collection that matches perfectly to their paint colors. Their palette of 132 radiant and pastel colors creates breathtaking combinations in perfect harmony. FAB Color Interior organizes showcases and workshops where the company shares all its expertise of decades with the inquisitive audience, and where the participants leave enriched with both theoretical and practical knowledge of paints and wallpapers.


Oikos decor paints guarantee immaculate quality both indoors and outdoors as they breathe life into walls with unrivalled eloquence. With their products you can summon the spirit of baroque-patterned silk wallpapers, you can conjure raw concrete on your living room wall, you can lend your door a rusty tinplate effect, you can relic a piece of furniture, or you can cover a plasterboard in gold - all you have to do is choose the correct paint and technique. Their unique, water based paints are not only aesthetic and durable, they also provide an eco-friendly solution for the dreamers.

“The only limit is your imagination!


Life & Wall’s design wallpapers were born 3 years ago from the dedication and creativity of a small group of young and bold entrepreneurs. Their artistic and technical prowess combined with an innovative approach have blossomed into stylish and unique solutions, revolutionizing the domestic wallpaper industry. Life & Wall’s exceptional method and style enrich all spaces with rare exclusivity, be it indoors, outdoors, or even the bathroom. It’s strongly recommended to follow their work with close interest, as this year they have also added an exciting selection of home textiles to their portfolio.


Polish Tubądzin’s ceramic tiles embody timeless elegance and everlasting luxury. Their design team works hand in hand with acclaimed European artists to dream up the freshest collections and innovations. Thanks to their technological expertise and wide, solid tiles they bring perfectly smooth surfaces into their customers’ homes, while their impressive patterns create an impeccable balance of dynamism and harmony. 

Casati Color

“Colors bring our spaces to life - Casati brings colors to life.

The venerable Italian paint manufacturer, Casati’s secret lies within the careful selection of materials and the continuous improvements based on customer feedback. Their remarkably wide range of products includes everything between protective wood coatings and varnishes, and insulating materials. Casati Color, the exclusive distributor of Casati paints in Hungary prepares for S/ALON BUDAPEST with their Casa Italia Decorative Line product line. Take the opportunity and learn how you could create decorative surfaces with stone, concrete, wooden or leather effect easily and economically on several structured surfaces.Would you like to know more about the exciting world of paints, wallpapers and floorings? Join us between September 21st and 23rd in Budapest Aréna! 

S/ALON Budapest


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