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Discover the garden design trends of 2022!

Inspiration for garden lovers

Spring is just around the corner, so soon we can take over the garden and terrace again.

To create a truly fascinating outdoor concept, it’s worth considering not only the prevailing styles but also the layout, materials and color palette before you acquire mobilia and decorative accessories. To help you achieve the best result possible, we’ve collected this year’s most popular garden trends, from which anyone can choose the look, plant arrangements, tones and furniture that suits their personality. Find your own favorites in our trend guide!

Clean and tiered layout, reimagined classics

In terms of layout, an exciting alternative to the previously dominant approach that favored several distinct outdoor positions is the introduction of split-level structures, which offer a striking solution not only on sloping terrain but also on terraces. Each level can be given a different function, making creative use of the space available.

Do you like clean, harmonious solutions? Zen gardens are popular this year, drawing inspiration from the uniquely rich Japanese culture. By incorporating bonsai, bamboo, pretty pebbles and the element of water, you can create a calming oasis where balance is the key motif.

And when it comes to classic garden features: showy and practical fire pits, movable summer kitchens and small pools with are all the rage in stylish gardens.

Monochrome, Mediterranean and bohemian tones

Black furniture, accessories and walls serve as a perfect backdrop for greenery of different shades and shapes, or even floral, colorful arrangements. The clean lines and natural lightness of modern homes are easily attainable with the combination of limestone and white.

This combination is also a great choice for those who like Mediterranean vibes, along with the more common terracotta shades. But if a bolder, more eclectic palette feels closer to you, it’s your time: bohemian patterns and saturated colors can be found on walls, textiles and accessories.

Sustainable plant family or tropical jungle

Sustainability is also a hot topic in gardens. While it is a complex issue that can be approached from many angles, the focus is on diversity and creating a garden ecosystem that works in harmony with the environment: an eco-garden or a larger, so-called permaculture garden that does not kill pollinating insects or deplete the soil. Finding appropriate - preferably native - plant arrangements, crop rotation, the introduction of beneficial insects, mulching and the use of chemical-free, insect-friendly pesticides are all very important elements of this approach.

In case the visual impact is more important to you, you should pick large-leaved, lush tropical plants. They’re easier to care for and keep alive than you might think, but you should also be prepared to keep them indoors during the winter, if you want to enjoy the company of your plants in the long run. There are containers, pots and creative plant holders available for that purpose.

Natural materials and coverings with a fresh look

The use of natural materials such as stones, wood and rattan is also becoming increasingly popular. Larger, irregularly shaped paving stones can be used to create an exciting, organic look on terraces and paths, while smaller pebble paved patios can be created on a budget and are practical thanks to their drainage capacity.

As well as classic solid wood furniture and paneling, you shouldn’t forget wooden slats, which can be used as benches, wall panels and shades. The banded layout creates a nice visual rhythm that goes well with modern buildings, wooden decking and brick.

Grand lounges, vintage and minimalist furniture

Gardens are a great place to recharge, laying on a large outdoor recliner, hammock or comfortable outdoor sofa is the perfect way to do so.

With vintage furniture sourced from family, friends or markets, you can create a unique, characterful effect while breathing new life into a forgotten piece. Minimalist furniture with simple shapes and neutral colors can be easily mixed with any more edgy or bold style.

This article was written with the expert assistance of Kata Hortobágyi, stylist of 0614 Design. For an endless stream of inspiration, join us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll keep you updated with fresh content until the next S/ALON BUDAPEST in September!



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